Monday, July 24, 2006

40K update

So there it is: a 40K post.

I don't have my codex at hand so that made it a little bit harder, but I had stuff lying around and some stuff (sickly) I know by heart.

(WS= weapon skill, I= initiative, S= Strength)

Flying Tyrant: 196
with: WS, S, Wings (duh), implant attack, warpfield, 2x talons & ripper.

Leaping Warriors: 135
with: WS, I, S, carapace, fleshhooks, talons, rending claws

Leaping Warriors (same): 135

16 Hormagaunts
15 Hormagaunts
9 Genestealers

Fast Attack
Ravener: Rending claws, talons : 40

Fast Attack
Ravener (same) : 40

---> 1000 pts.

I feel like it's a fairly decent list.
The Tyrant: fast, deadly, attention whore with a ripper to fill up a 2 pts gap I had.

Warriors: have proven their thing time and again: synapse, moderately hard to kill, harder to kill in CC.

Hormagaunts: fast, ty up the enemy, can kill.
Stealers: mean bitches. If they don't get shot..they are REALLY nasty.

Raveners: fairly underestimated. They are as fast as hormagaunts. If people don't shoot them down first turn. They will arrive and do their part.
Put them in seperate groups just to piss people off.

So: it has the swarmy aspect: 40 models in the troops.
it has a tank killer in name of the tyrant and otherwise the rending stuff ..lots of rending stuff.

Another non-40K update I guess..

So we went to Pirates of the Caribean 2. As Erwin said, the story wasn't all that, but I didn't expect it so no loss there ;).
I did like the action part. And the sea-mutant pirates were VERY cool! And the Kraken or Krahkken (to be a bit phonetic..because the pirates were discussing the pronunciation) was also very very cool.
It served the name Kraken very well. Why am I rambling on about the Kraken? Well because my Tyranid fleet is a tendril fleet of the infamous Kraken fleet :D Just to keep the post a bit 40k-ish.

So all in all I did think the movie was worthwhile because sometimes I just like plain action movies which are even if the story itself isn't worth an oscar cool to watch. And yes..I need to watch PotC 3 just to know what will happen. A bit sad was that I already knew there would be a 3rd part so the end of part 2 wasn't that big of a secret.
Almost forgot!!!!: the movie was very funny.
Downside: it was hot thursday, and so it was hot in the cinema, and it was it was even hotter. And some dumb fuck decided to (someone in the row in front of us) wear a hoody..WTF!!!! do you know how hot it is!!!

In other news: some asshole broke into our shed last night stealing the bike of one of my housemates. Luckily my bike was still there..but it still sucks. So we paid a short visit to the police station. Those thieves'd better not steal my ghetto-bike cause I'm completely lost without a bike.

I'll make a 40K post soon. With 1000pt lists which I should have somewhere scattered on my pc. Don't have my codex at hand untill next weekend so if I make a new list it will have to go by heart.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Update time! I didn't do a lot of painting lately. But it's darn hot and I got some other stuff that needs taking care off.

Driving a car:I started my drivinglessons last week. In a simulator. But before people go all 'LOL a simulator..that's really stupid' . It is really usefull. For instance if you need to learn how corners need to be taken in a car (speed, gear etc) you can practice it on the road..but driving around in circles is somewhat idiotic so you will have less corners to practice with. Things like practicing to park & drive away again from a parking zone outside cityborders are things that can be practiced till boredom on a sim.
And a sim car won't die on you. You can't drown the engine or blow it up. It will just let you know that you are fucking up.
So I'm quite happy with the start in a sim. Of course I will drive on the road in a while. But first the short sim course.

Noorderspel (big event where all kinds of gametournaments are being held and games are sold in Groningen):
WOOOHOO!! If anyone from the Noorderspel organisation reads this: I'm VERY happy that you organise this, and I am but a bystander that will complain on the sideline. I don't have time (there is the problem) to help organise the bigger lines of the event. So there's my sad excuse for better organising ideas.
My sideline commentary:
They started far too late last year to get the next year's edition started up.
I'm talking about sponsors, keeping in touch with people who organised things in the past (either the Noorderspel itself or separate tournaments).

Next to that the website functioned badly last year and it does so now. Yes it got updated. But if nobody looks at your website for is only by chance that people figure out that there will be a Noorderspel afterall.

The key words are: Spreading the news!!!
I had to read in a newsletter that I will be contacted. I haven't seen an e-mail. And it might be just me, but an e-mail with only a short notifier can be written in 5 minutes. That would be a notifier! More info can be added later. So why the hell haven't people got a notifier that Noorderspel is going to happen ! They should have loads of e-mail adresses from tournaments or otherwise. Spam them!!!! Spam them good.
Next: somehow..I'm not the only one, people lack the sense to either read or to respond to their e-mails. So if people subscribe to tournaments..I would like telephone nrs! So I can call them. Or I can visit them (ninja style).


It's hot..real hot. They've cancelled the '4 day walk of Nijmegen (30-50 km walk each day for 4 days). Why? Because 2 people died! So that's justified. I don't know the precise circumstances, but yesterday I heard they didn't take extra precautions..even when they knew it would be DARN hot. But well..people should think about taking loads of water with them if they are going to exercise.
Ninjitsu training will go on like normal tomorrow evening, but normally with these temperatures: adepted training..and time to drink a lot (water that is!).

Next to that..I keep trying to hold my eyeballs in their sockets.
to say it with the Rolling Stones 'I see the girls walk by in their summer cloths'
Need I say more!!!
Oh btw..bought a ventilator (uber luxurous with remote control etc..ooh and it oscillates..which means it can turn.)

War (what it issa good for..absolutely nothing)
Keeping track of the war between Israel & Libanon. Darn idiots. Blasting away civilians. I'm NOT pro-hezbollah. But standing firmly behind Israel is American arrogance. Nuff said about a meaningless war.

Last but not least:
I've still got my side job cleaning the lawyers office :D
And next thursday a visit to Pirates of the Caribean 2 !

Monday, July 03, 2006

Paint update

So was very warm this weekend and I didn't do very much. But somehow I still managed to do some painting:


I used the rubble from the basic ruins and to finish the rubbly thing I added some random junk (like dried up parts of paint).

I also inked my Broodlord. Atm it looks like crap (because of the inking)..but I hope it will look better soon:

BL inked

BL inked

Maybe more next week. I can't take the cam with me. I will probably paint more though.