Saturday, June 27, 2009


I've had this model for ages but this year I finally got around to start finishing it. One of the minor reasons was that I got decent magnets now.
I háven't finished the model yet but you're all smart enough to figure that out by yourself, this is just the last photo stage before I dó finish it.

The leg section with base:

I painted the magnetside of the magnets red (the other side I call the that's creative!..not).

The model has 3 different shoulderpads, basic, weapon 1 and weapon 2.

The thing what is a bit stupid is that it has basicly 6 possible headcombinations, but only 11 headparts. The regen-part is combined with one of the basic-parts which leaves you with no nórmal head. Good thing that my 2nd carnifex has just arrived in a box, so I wíll make one.

So far I've magnetized the heavy weapons and 1 set of other guns, the rest (a bunch of other combi's) is WIP.
Heavy weapons above, other set below.

Even though I did the whole paint the magnetsize red so you know which side you need to glue etc..I did make a major error..the lower right torso magnet was glued the other way around than which it should have been and I already built in the heavy weapon arm magnet. If it was just the torso it wouldn't have been a problem to 'break' the magnet off, but I can't possibly get it óut of the heavy weaponsarm.
This just means that the places of the heavy weapons arms are fixed. The venom cannon is the lower set and the barbed strangler has to be the top set.
If not, it looks like this:
*the combi on the photo is a twin-devourer on top and a barbed strangler in the lower set, which doesn't work..*

As I said, the next carnifex has already arrived. I'm not sure I want to get that one magnetized too. Next to that I'm not sure if I want to built the error that I made on the above model into the new one on purpose so that all arms will be completely interchangable or that I want to do this one right and will have to wait a bit longer to get éach and évery possible combination (some sets such as the devourer only come in one set per model).

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pinkpop (music festival)

At the end of May I went to the Pinkpop festival. I haven't been posting because I had too much other stuff to do, but I'm back.

Pinkpop is at least worldfamous in the Netherlands and it's the oldest yearly popfestival in the world (this was the 40st time!). A couple of years back there was a major decline in visitors but the organizers managed to get out of that dip and came back strong. A short explanation: it's around eastern (Dutch: pinksteren), the Dutch word contains 'pink', it has mainly popmusic, a 'pop' means doll in Dutch so you end up with a pink doll as a logo and lots of people walk around dressed in pink or with the pink hat sold for a good cause (amnesty international) and which is a real collectors item.

I've been going to festivals for years because at least the following reasons: 1) it's an affordable way to see a lot of artists in a short time 2)it's an easy way to get to know new music 3)we always go with a group of cool people 4)a long weekend of drinking and stuffing your face with junkfood..what's not to like.

I'll stop rambling, here are the photo's:

I saw in random order: The killers, Bruce Springsteen, the Tingtings, Kyteman, Placebo, Mando Diao, Franz Ferdinand, Novastar, Milo (famous for his cover of a 50ct track), Madness.

Some minor links to music which you should check out if you don't already know it:
Kyteman's hiphop orchestra (Dutch group, but a lot of English, and French texts)
The TingTings (poppy, but cool).