Saturday, June 29, 2013

Youtube saturday 29th of June 2013

Youtube spotify list

Wolves like us - Get gone
I've played their last album at least 5 times a week for a year now.
Hope the rest of their new album sounds as good as this track:)

The rains of Castamere (Red wedding dubstep mix)
Game of thrones...if you haven't yet...go watch it!

The hold steady - The bear and the maiden fair
No remix, but more Game of thrones music.

The hold steady - Stay positive
Just felt like checking out some more of The hold steady. well worth the 3.12.

Becca Stevens band - The riddle
I found the studio version better, but this one grows on you.

Kraantje Pappie - Werkveld
Basicly a recruitment video for the Dutch military, done right. No corny stuff, no lame raps, real stuff.

Josie Charlwood - Not mineI really don't understand why her music doesn't get picked up.

Oi va voi - Strangers
If you get the chance to see them live, don't let it slip.

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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Youtube saturday 22nd of June 2013

Youtube spotify list

Evil activities and Endymion ft E-Life - Broken
Haven't heard from E-life in a while, change of style for him.

Ace combat 5 - Unsung war
epic battle music

Grouplove - Way to go
not embedded since it won't play on blogger. It opens in a new window.

David Lynch and Lykke Li - I'm waiting here
Not as crazy as other David Lynch tracks, in a good way.

Lieutenant - We have souls
A bit of Belgian klezmer music

Suarez - Souffle de délire
My French isn't half as good as I'd like, but it sounds great.

Evenings - Babe (Shigeto remix)
Shigeto is just awesome.

Cashmere cat - Mirror maru (G Vump remix)
Love the samples and I could get used to the 'g vump' sound.

Better melon - Nothing but noise
Came across this while searching for Duellum's "Nothing but noise"
(last week's "Nothing but noise" wasn't Duellum's track either, still great though).

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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Youtube saturday 15th of June 2013

Youtube spotify list

Walk of the earth ft KRNFX - Natalie
Awesome cover, great video. They keep surprising me.

Shining - I won't forget

Intöxicated - Lock up your daughters
Rock n roll!

Bombino - Amazane Tiliade
A strange rock funk mix from Niger

King Ayisoba - I want to see you my father
Already more than 6 years old, but new to me.
A longer version is here but I like the performance in the video below!

Nothing but noise - Brush
Dark sinister noise compilation. Love it.

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Saturday, June 08, 2013

Youtube saturday 8th of June 2013

Youtube spotify list

Woodkid - Wasteland
Another great track from Woodkid

Great minds (Sticks, Winne and Jiggy Dje)  ft Kleine Viezerik en Yung Felix - Doag
Super collabo of Dutch rappers. Pretty cool video.

Fresku - Alleen
About being alone and how hard life can be.

Koreless - Nosun
I can't imagine that Koreless didn't get any inspiration from the sounds of an MRI scanner for this
or other tracks (e.g. Sun) from the new album (Yugen). Love it.

Blues pills - Bliss
More stonerrock from Sweden. Awesome.

CocoRosie - End of time
Still weird and awesome

Baskerville - The fussCool pop music.

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Saturday, June 01, 2013

Youtube saturday 1st of June 2013

Youtube spotify list

MorningStarlett - No one needs to know
Love the track. The video seems a bit low-budget, but that makes it kinda fun too.
Check around the 3.05-3.15ish mark for her voice to sync with the guitar. That's pretty cool.

Passenger - I hate
Just brilliant

Macklemore ft Ryan Lewis - And we danced
Already around 2 years old, but this video is just too bizar to skip :)

OneRepublic - Counting stars

Le Le - Eyes closed

Karma kid - In my arms (Maths Time Joy remix)

Saule - Type normal
Some Belgian pop music.

Gabrielle Aplin - Home
Best song of her album, it now also has a beautiful video.
It's like a soundtrack to what 'home' means.

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