Monday, July 29, 2013

40K: Bastion and Aegis defence line guns WIP

Scenery I've been building and painting for my local wargaming club
The Icarus cannon and the Quad gun are finished, the antenna and Bastion itself are still very much work in progress.

Icarus Cannon
(can be turned around, panned up and down and dismounted from the block)
Icarus left photo IMG_5494.jpg

Icarus right photo IMG_5497.jpg

Haven't painted the lamp yet, didn't have yellow :)
Icarus top photo IMG_5496.jpg

Quad cannon mounted on pin-base
Quad on 3-pin photo IMG_5498.jpg

Quad cannon en Icarus cannon switched around
Icarus and Quad photo IMG_5500.jpg

Bastion with quad cannon.
The Bastion clearly needs a paint job on the outside.
  Bastion Quad photo IMG_5501.jpg

Bastion with Icarus cannon
   photo IMG_5502.jpg
Bastion: Heavy Bolter (can turn and pan up/down)
Bastion Hbolter photo IMG_5503.jpg

Antenna (very much WIP)
  Antenna 1 photo IMG_5504.jpg    Antenna statue zoom photo IMG_5506.jpg
Antenna 2 photo IMG_5507.jpg      on Bastion:  Bastion with antenna photo IMG_5508.jpg

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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Youtube saturday 26th of July 2013

Youtube Spotify list

Alabama thunderpussy - My own worst enemy
One their many great tracks. Brilliant bandname :)

Pogo and John Sean - Mi angel
Mash-up style together with a kid from Manilla

Jeni - Suit and tie (remake)
I like this even better than Just Timberlake's version.

Twit one - Black sabber
Chill melancholic summertune

Les Sins - Grind 
Funky disco

Crystal fighters - LA calling
Addictive tune, but whát is he wearing...

Queensryche - Real world
19 years old apparently, but new to me.

Wax - I shoulda tried harder
Most people feel this way sometimes I guess

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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Youtube saturday 20th of July 2013

Youtube Spotify list

Flawless tracks - Green Goblin  
Forgot to post this one before..

Serebro - Mi mi mi
Liked Mama Ljuba better, but this is fun too.

Sido - Bilder im Kopf
German pop/hiphop

Dirtcaps x Boehmer - Bananas
Full length track: Full length

David Guetta and Glowinthedark ft Harrison - Aint'no party
It needs some time to 'start up'.

Alela Diane - Elijah
Just wow. Literaly (yes...literally!) sends shivers down my spine.
Sometimes Spotify messes up music advice, but thanks for this one :)

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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Youtube saturday 13th of July 2013

Youtube spotify list

Rudimental ft Foxes - Right here
Cool video, great song.

Stromae - Papaoutai
Some crazy dancing going on.

Laura Nanou - What it's like
Check the full version here:

King Krule - Easy easy
Great voice

Catching flies - Stay forever

Romare - Hey now (when I give you all my lovin')

Paul White - Watch the ants
Ants in mah pants

Shigeto ft Brandon Mitchell and Carlos Garcia - R Life
Chill out

Olivia Ruiz - Volver

Jeffrey Spalburg - Hengelo-o-o
Ehm..yes...reggae parody about a Dutch town called Hengelo.

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Saturday, July 06, 2013

Youtube saturday 7th of July 2013

Youtube spotify list

Hoffmaestro and Chraa - Highwayman (accoustic)
You can hear the joy

Mann friday - Sunrise everyday if it only would stay shining...we'd have summer.

Amon Amarth - Burning anvil
Judas Pries sound.

Miles Kane - Don't forget who you are

Great minds ft SirOJ- Licht
Great Dutch hiphop. So different from 'Doag'.

Py - Polyeters

Jacques Greene ft How to dress well - On your side

Wondr - Bolex

Fit - Je best doen
A father sings to his kid that it's enough to do your best and that nobody knows what we're here for.

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