Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Top music I got to know in 2013

It explicitly states 'I got to know in 2013', because I sometimes only get to know music after it's been out there for years. But for mé it was new. And that is what counts... for me.

It was incredibly difficult if not impossible to create a top 12 (a top 10 kept out the Dutch language), so I've tried to give 2 places each for different categories. Rock (rock, metal...loud), Pop (which is in my opinion a debatable name for a genre), Chill (relax, laid back whatever you want to call it), Singers (female/male), Other (soundtrack, electronic..whatever) and Dutch (the language, not the country per se). The list is in no particular order, including the tracks within genres. Just 2 tracks per genre. Below I've also put a link to a very toned down version of my Youtube Saturday Spotify list of tracks I added in 2013.
                                       Click to open the video in a new screen.

Ministry - Punch in the face  (only 5 min, not 10)
Why:  A lot of aggressiveness in 5 minutes, which is what we all need sometimes.

Texas Hippie Coalition - Pissed off and mad about it
Why: It rocks. They look awesome. Aren't we all pissed off and mad about that sometimes.

Angus and Julia Stone - The beast
Why: heard it in a commercial (Bijenkorf - local warehouse), replayed the commercial just to listen to the track a lot before I found out (by asking around) which track it was.

Hudson - Catapult
Why: The only why that needs to be asked is WHY!!!! hasn't this been picked up yet.

Chill (this was thé most difficult section)
Beatamines - Fact or fiction
Why: chill music and a beautiful video.

Klimeks - Tokyo train
Why: Not yet on Spotify, but I could replay this for hours.

Alela Diane - Elijah
Why: I don't know how I came across her music, but just wow.

Emily Jane - My beloved
Awesome tip by Spotify. Great voice.

Digitalism - Miami showdown
I love the instant badass action movie feel of it. Adrenaline. Heard it first in Person of interest.

Fever ray - If I had a heart
I like the dark and ominous sound. It's been around for quite some time, but I only heard it for the first time in Vikings. Perfect fit.

Great minds ft Kleine viezerik and Yung Felix - Doag 
Awesome video and a great collaboration of Dutch rappers with awesome lines.

The don't touch my croque monsieurs - Leonardo DiCaprio
Why: It immediately stuck in my head. Even if you don't speak a single Dutch word, check it out.

Selected shortlist of Youtube saturday 2013 (still 168 tracks in many different genres, but ..really worth listening to!)

As I said, it was really really hard to name only 12! So do check out the list, there is incredibly good music in there!

And to top it off..3 of the most awesome or craziest music video's I saw in 2013, there were a lót of crazy video's around last year...:
Best/craziest/weirdest video's

Zack Hemsey - Between worlds
Full screen this and silence anything and anyone else.

Why: because it réally brought some tears to my eyes. The music is awesome by itself, but the video really enhanced it for me to that point, giving it an extra emotional layer. I can't remember when, if ever, I had this before.

Placebo - Too many friends

Why: Whý? Watch..and then consider if you need to ask.

Biting Elbows - Bad motherfucker

Why: First person crazy violent chase incl throwing a dog through the window...do I need to continue?

Let me know if I missed out on something last year so I can start the new year with great music!

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