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Best of youtube saturday 2014

Some music was new, other music was new to mé (yes, even a 50!! year old one!)

The same as last year, I won't make a regular top 10'ish list because I'm weak there's so much good music out there. I'll post a couple of tracks per 'genre' in no particular order, where genre is a pretty rough definition since I don't know half the genres out there, neither do I care too much about that. Picking only three was sometimes just too hard so I cheated a bit on my original goal, but also give the spotify list (link below) a listen or you'll miss some real gems.

Vista Chino - Adara
Why: I love this stoner-rock sound.

The budos band - into the fog
Why: Tarantinoesque

Samsara Blues Experiment - Singata (Mystic queen)
Why: why couldn't this be 20 minutes. I'd still listen to it.

Overall: First category and I'm already cheating.... I missed putting a lot of bands new or old tracks into YTS this year..I really don't know why, because I listened to this a lot.Check out: Wolves like us (either album btw), Explosions in the sky, Deftones, Pelican and many more.

Dotan - Home
Why: sticks in your head and I still like it after I heard early in 2014.

Kylie Minogue - I was gonna cancel
Why: she proves she's still got it. Commercial music? Sure, but way better than a lot of stuff out there.

Bells of youth - She said / he said
Why: Tell me what you want....  So much this sometimes....

Overall: ..there are so many more cool songs..wanted to stick with 3 here.

Chill/Ambient (couldn't stick to just 3 here..)
Odesza - Kusunagi
Why: happy and sad at the same time.

Vancouver Sleep machine - Collapse
Why: So beautifully melancholic...

Bibio - Dye the water green
Why: dreamy sadness.

The very best - Hear me
Why: beautiful video, beautiful language. play already!

Vaults - Premonitions
Why: overthinking life can be hard sometimes.

Overall: ...I know, a lot of sad/melancholic sounding music...I'm happy most of the time.

Meiko - Hiding
Why: a voice to fall in love with.

Jeff Alexander - Come wander with me
Why: it's from 1964 apparently, never heard it before last year. This 50 y/o song passed me by untill last year.  I love the sad, dreamy sound.

Mathilde Renault - Made up
Why: such a clear beautiful voice.

Overall: Sometimes my ears need something sweet...

Hawk house- Vulcan grip
Why: Grimey.

20syl ft Odissee - Ongoing thing
Why: cool samples, cool hook, cool voice.

A2h - A la cool
Why: I've got trouble understanding half of it (my French is a bit rusty), but singing A lá cool, a a lá cool a la cool a.. along just makes me happy.

There's a lot of hiphop I've come to like less in last couple of years, but there's also so much cool and good stuff out there.

Don Diablo - Anytime
Why: makes me nod my head and jump around the room...yes at the same time.

James Ruskin - Slit
Why: hold on till after the first minute. I could listen to this droning beat on repeat for hours.

Ritzi Lee - Deflected
Why: Sometimes I just like...droning.

Overall: Don Diablo..he's had an awesome music year. Not much to say about the two others. Either you like the droning or you don't.

This is my way of cheating some more tracks into the with enjoy it.

Johnny Cash - She used to love me a lot
Why: Recorded in the early 1980s, but only brought out in 2014. Instant sing along.
I don't know the other versions out there that were recorded around 1984 (or so the yt comments tell me).

Warpaint - Biggy
Why: saw them live too. Such an awesome band with beautiful music.

Salt cathedral - Take me to the sea
Why: this blew me away the first time I heard it. Do check out the rest of their 5 track (as far as I know) 'ep'.

Beautiful and/or crazy video's
Sometimes there are video's out there that enhance a song to an even higher level or are just so weirdly cool and crazy that more people should watch them.

Paolo Nutini - Iron Sky
Why: The speeches mixed with the raw emotional voice of Paolo, just epic.And that in a short-movie.

Orgaanklap - Indie pop rock song
If you haven't seen this yet, this will probably be the weirdest music video you'll see today. Even if you can't understand a word of Dutch...this is worth watching for its WTF factor.

Jordan Riddle - Suffocate 
Don't watch/listen this today if you're already in a down-mood. It's a sad song and if possible even sadder video. But very beautiful.

A 'short' list with great songs from the 2014 youtube saturday playlist.
Like I said above, do give the playlist a go, skip a song if you must or really don't like the genre, but there are some real gems in there which were sometimes incredibly hard to leave out of this post and should arguably have been in here.

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