Saturday, August 12, 2017

Youtube saturday 12th of August 2017

It's been ages. Just didn't make the time...
Will try to post regulary again. 22Tracks is no more, so most 'new' music will probably come through my Discover Weekly or Release radar or via via.

Elsiane - Space between us
Dreamy. If you like this, check out more.

Lamb - Wise enough
Came across this track by Lamb while watching Netflix's Sense8. In the meanwhile I've found way more musical gems by Lamb. Check them out if you didn't know them before.

Amon Tobin - Slowly
A bit weird, but I like it.

Eisbrechter - Was ist hier los
sounds like a wink towards Rammstein.

Electric citizen - Light years beyond
A bit stoner-rock meets Black Sabbath or something.

Buck 65 - Whispers of the waves
'Your tears are like mine, but the answer is no' . Poetic stuff.

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