Saturday, March 08, 2014

Youtube saturday 8th of March 2014

Youtube spotify playlist

Dillon - A matter of time
Take a close look (and listen)

Voltrage - Bad reputation (full album)
Couldn't much about them for the past year and then: Album release. Awesome.

Menhir - Mt Aloha
Posted 'Passing grades' 2 years back, they're still going strong.
A bizar video filmed in neighborhood nearby where I live.

Bells of youth - She said / he said
Awesome voices. I'm sure they're going to be a festival-hit this summer.

RKCB - Comatose

Skeat - Meropa
I wanted to link 'Dumelang' but they had no vid for it on youtube and this one's cool too.

Koresma - Clouds

Motorpsycho - The magic and the wonder (a love theme)
Not what you'd expect from the bandname.

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