Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Books I've read in 2018 - I robot ; Dragon teeth; Zinky boys; First and only

Isaac Asimov - I robot 
I've watched the movie ages ago, but hadn't read anything by Asimov until this year. After getting used to the way he writes (well, it's around 67 years old; from 1950!) I really enjoyed it. I felt there was one small hole in the plot when they're searching a certain robot, but it doesn't bother me too much.

Michael Chrichton - Dragon teeth
It's been years since I read the Jurassic Park novels, but I really enjoyed those back then. Dragon teeth was a gamble for me, but wow. A historical cowboy and indian paleontology story!

Svetlana Alexijevitsj - Zinkjongens (Zinky boys)
If ever there was a book that could convince people of the horrors of war, this is it. Emotional, in the face interviews with those Russians (military and civilian alike) who went to Afghanistan and with those who stayed behind either mourning the loss of a relative or telling about the traumatized relatives who came back.

Dan Abnett - First and only
Re-read it for the first time in ages. Still an awesome book. If you're looking for an introduction into warhammer 40k sci-fi books, this is one hell of a start. I'm planning to re-read all Gaunt's ghost novels since I've got The Warmaster waiting on the shelf.



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