Saturday, April 09, 2011

Youtube saturday 9-4-2011 (ddmmyyyy)

It's been ages since I've updated and that's kinda strange since I've had a lot of time. I've been solliciting for an internship and finally got one, it took 1,5-2 months. I'm back on track and so will this blog!

Youtube saturday is just an easy way to start up posting again. I've got material for 3-4 different kind of posts. Updates wíll follow.

Game ft Lil'wayne - Red nation

The dance part is ofcourse an easy cover, but I like this remix with a beat on it. Game's namedropping, but well he does it well. Reminds me to listen to his stuff again.

J Cole - Killer

Sounds a bit lyrically inspired by Queen's 'Mama'. A soft dramatic beat with a story-telling rap on top.

Enough rap..
Oh my! - Run this town

Catchy, pop, strong. This describes it.

The Mountain goats - Never quite free

The mountain goats tend to sound a bit melancholic but hopeful.
Also check an older song of theirs 'International small arms traffic blues' (used in the tv series Weeds) which has the most crazy ways of talking about how strong/deep/whatever 'his' love is.



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