Saturday, December 04, 2010

Disturbed et. al 2-12-2010 Amsterdam

I've seen Disturbed twice before (2006 in Paradiso and 2008 in the Heineken music hall) and I've come to really love their music. There are of course a couple of problems, living in Groningen means I've got to go to Amsterdam by train which cost me more than the Disturbedticket itself and it wasn't in a weekend.

Being this pricy and not in the weekend meant that I was on my own this time. Of course I don't really like going on my own, but I'd hate to miss out on Disturbed live!

Doors were open at 6pm and Halestorm started off. They were completely unknown to me, but they've made quite the impression. It's a tough task warming up a Dutch crowd that doesn't know your music. Most of the time we'll be standing there gazing..which doesn't mean we don't enjoy it. All around I heard people talking about how Halestorm really surprised them!

The following vid doesn't complete the song unfortunately, but it gives a good peek:

I was really on the verge of buying, but I decided to wait since it was already a pricy evening. In hindsight I should've spent the 10€.

Next up was Buckcherry. I listened to their last cd *mp3* on the train and thought it was ok. A bit Brian Adams'ish maybe. Live, it really sucked. I was bored and the attention w**ring from the singer didn't help too much either. Maybe if they'd had a crowd full of 13 year old screaming fangirls (no offence to the girls present of course) they would've been appreciated.

After the warming up and cooling down Papa Roach came on stage. Their music can go up and down for me. I like the older songs like 'Last resort' and 'getting away with murder' but I don't like the more soft Blink182'ish songs. Fortunately they played some great tracks from their last album and finished up right with Last resort which had me entering the moshpits.

Getting away with murder:

Unfortunately Disturbed hadn't much time to give a full show of their decade of existence. They opened awesomely..

..and continued full strength throughout the short hour that was left of the evening. Even though being on my own, I fully enjoyed Disturbed. Letting go completely during 10 000 fists, where we made a good start towards putting 10000 fists in the air and moshing around on many other tracks, which both made me glad to have come. Still aching a bit now, but looking forward to their next show..hopefully next year.

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