Friday, August 24, 2012

Youtube saturday 25th of August 2012

So what it's an hour's saturday in Australia...
P.O.D. - Higher
Haven't heard from them in quite a while, but this sounds good.

Lucy Rose - Bikes you have to watch it at youtube, it's worth it so watch and listen.

Gaelic storm - Rag and bone
A strangely good mix between folk and happy pop with a silly video :)

Stone Sour - Gone sovereign/ absolute zero
LOUD! Great stuff.

Of monsters and men - King  and Lionheart
Saw them live at the Noorderzon festival in Groningen: it was awesome. A bit louder than on record.

Alt-J - Something good
Another track, because they are awesome. They were however darn late on the Noorderzon festival.

14th - Take me there
Sticks in your ear, and I still like that sample (dun du du du dun...)

Youth - Daughter
Last minute add.

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