Saturday, July 21, 2012

Youtube saturday 21st of July 2012

Also have a look at previous entry's on my spotify playlist:Youtube saturday

OK Go - White knuckles
Simple, but again, a very cool video and an addictive sound.

Game of thrones - (w)Rap-up
Haven't read the books yet, but this is pretty cool.
No real spoilers if you've been watching the tv series.

Kylesa - Spiral shadow
Progressive rock'ish. It's done after 5.30 btw.

Shonen Knife - Beat on the brat
Wanted to link 'Osaka rock city' but couldn't find it on youtube.
This is a Ramones cover, but they've got plenty stuff of their own. They've been at it for 30 years!

Serj Tankina - Cornucopia
Still known for being System of a down's lead singer, but he's doing a good job on his own too.

Luke Abbott - Modern driveway
Dreamy techno.

The Opposites ft Adje - Blam blam
90s style Gfunk.

No doubt - Settle down
It's been a while for No doubt, but I kinda like it.

The Vaccines - Teenage Icon
Somehow I don't get tired of this 'sound'

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