Saturday, July 28, 2012

Youtube saturday 28th of July 2012

Sepalcure - Don't cry
A bit strange technolike music with a cool video

Eric Church - Springsteen
Great song with nice references (to Bruce)

Alt-J - Tesselate
Sounds really cool (similar to Lana del Ray if you want to know before clicking) and it comes with a cool artsy video

The xx - Angels
Btw, play 2 of these shortly after eachother (opening the youtube in new window..)
and play them in canon, also pretty cool.

Thee Marvin Gays - Gotta go
I wanted to link a vid for Blackout downtown but I couldn't find one (do click though)

Merdan Taplak - On the rocks
With some hints to Infected mushroom

Noisia - Tommy's theme
Noisia keeps coming with awesome music.

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