Saturday, January 26, 2013

Youtube saturday 26th of January 2013

Bonobo - Cirrus
Watch this in fullscreen mode, you see so much more.

Priyanka Chopra ft Will - In my city
This is going to be big.

Neil's Puppet dreams - Neil Patrick Harris dreams Bollywood
Also check the rest of his puppet dreams which are just funny short youtube vid's.

Danielle Armstrong and Jamie Forsyth - Working man (Transporter tv series Theme)
About 3-4 weeks overdue, but it's short so it'll fit in.
Sounds a bit strange though, a woman singing 'that's why they call me the working man!'

Lausch - Canada is falling
via The Piratebay. Pretty awesome track.

Matt Simons - With you

Mozes and the firstborn - I got skills

Kodaline - High hopes
Tragic, but great story-video

She and him - Sentimental heart
Nice video

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