Saturday, May 11, 2013

Youtube saturday 11th of May 2013

Youtube spotify list

Walk of the earth - Material girl
Awesome cover!

The editors - A ton of love
Great new Editors track.

Fight or flight - First of the last
A great side-project by among others Disturbed members Mike and Dan.

Skyzoo - Range Rover Rhythm
If only for the alliterating title.

Bastille - Flaws √°nd Rhythm of the night
2 for 1. Great accoustic performance and a cool cover (2nd track).

Allah-Las - Busman's holiday
Great song and a fun video

The cat empire - Brighter than gold
Somehow this one slipped through the cracks a couple of weeks ago and didn't get posted.

Chapel Club - Shy the best way to describe this video

Knife party - EDM Death machine
Pure energy

Mindless Self Indulgence - Kill you all in a hiphop rage
A complaint against the current state of hiphop.
In my humble opinion.. there was always plenty of crap and there is still both now :)

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