Monday, July 29, 2013

40K: Bastion and Aegis defence line guns WIP

Scenery I've been building and painting for my local wargaming club
The Icarus cannon and the Quad gun are finished, the antenna and Bastion itself are still very much work in progress.

Icarus Cannon
(can be turned around, panned up and down and dismounted from the block)
Icarus left photo IMG_5494.jpg

Icarus right photo IMG_5497.jpg

Haven't painted the lamp yet, didn't have yellow :)
Icarus top photo IMG_5496.jpg

Quad cannon mounted on pin-base
Quad on 3-pin photo IMG_5498.jpg

Quad cannon en Icarus cannon switched around
Icarus and Quad photo IMG_5500.jpg

Bastion with quad cannon.
The Bastion clearly needs a paint job on the outside.
  Bastion Quad photo IMG_5501.jpg

Bastion with Icarus cannon
   photo IMG_5502.jpg
Bastion: Heavy Bolter (can turn and pan up/down)
Bastion Hbolter photo IMG_5503.jpg

Antenna (very much WIP)
  Antenna 1 photo IMG_5504.jpg    Antenna statue zoom photo IMG_5506.jpg
Antenna 2 photo IMG_5507.jpg      on Bastion:  Bastion with antenna photo IMG_5508.jpg

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