Saturday, June 01, 2013

Youtube saturday 1st of June 2013

Youtube spotify list

MorningStarlett - No one needs to know
Love the track. The video seems a bit low-budget, but that makes it kinda fun too.
Check around the 3.05-3.15ish mark for her voice to sync with the guitar. That's pretty cool.

Passenger - I hate
Just brilliant

Macklemore ft Ryan Lewis - And we danced
Already around 2 years old, but this video is just too bizar to skip :)

OneRepublic - Counting stars

Le Le - Eyes closed

Karma kid - In my arms (Maths Time Joy remix)

Saule - Type normal
Some Belgian pop music.

Gabrielle Aplin - Home
Best song of her album, it now also has a beautiful video.
It's like a soundtrack to what 'home' means.

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