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August Annihilation 25-8-2013 game 1

I entered a Warhammer 40K tournament (1723pts) in Veendam at Kunstkot.

First up, Lee with his Dark Angels. The setting was Crusade with Dawn of war deployment: 5 objectives.
I've played against him before, but I was sure he would've added stuff to his army.
Their enormous output of bullets can be scary.

My list:
2x Flying Hive Tyrant with 2x dual devourers. 1 with hive commander, 1 with poison.
2x Hive guard, 2x zoanthrope, Doom of Malantai in a pod
2x Tervigon with 3 powers and poison, 2x 10 termagants
15 Gargoyles with adrenal glands
1 Trygon (1720pts)

His (as far as I know)
Some commander, a command squad, 3 (?) tactical squads, 5 Terminators,
10 assault marines (in reserve)
Dreadnought with rocketlauncher and assault cannon
2x landspeeder (heavy bolter and assault cannon?)
Razorback tank with some marines, Aegis defence line with quad cannon.

Game on
I got first turn, which is a good thing since the flying tyrants don't want to get caught on the ground.
1 objective was in my far right corner, the others were pretty close to eachother on the left half of the table.
The plan would be to hold the objective in the right corner with a cheap unit and focus everything else on the other 4. That is, capture them and kick the enemy off the others or at least contest them.

You can see my (Tyranid) deployment and Lee standing across the table in white.
1 photo IMG_5572_zps8e23f81c.jpg

My Termagants were hugging the objective on the far right.
2 photo IMG_5584_zpsb7fb6f98.jpg

The two flying tyrants moved up fast. Everything else moved up equally.
3 photo IMG_5574_zpsd27e3f72.jpg

First blood! Well..scrap. It took 1 tyrant and the hive guards.
4 photo IMG_5575_zpsf396bcbb.jpg

And a landspeeder got taken out. The Tyrant flew around Iron Armed on S/T9
5 photo IMG_5577_zpsc1c458c4.jpg

While the Tyrants were having a field day, the spawned gaunts
got shot up by the dozen. Keeping those objectives was an effort.
6 photo IMG_5578_zpsc61d26d1.jpg

The Trygon burst from the ground near the far right objective to, if need be,
defend the objective against the assault marines.
7 photo IMG_5580_zps2e5d08e9.jpg

The Tyrants were wreaking havoc shooting and charging.
8 photo IMG_5581_zpscb6ef7ff.jpg

The assault marines were still sleeping in turn 2 as Lee forgot to call on them.
They did show up on turn 3, but too little too late.
9 photo IMG_5583_zpse3ddce86.jpg

At the end of turn 3 we had to call it a day since time was up.
Because Lee had the objectives concentrated on one flank I could focus one 2/3rds of the table.
The Tyrants killed off the vehicles and quickly after that had a field day in the back lines. Rolling high on Iron Arm helped making one of them véry hard to kill.
They weren't doing the killing all that fast due to imperfect dice throwing in combat, but that wasn't bad since they could get out of close combat at the end of the opponent's turn. The Doom of Malantai did nothing except for putting a scare on Lee for a turn. He passed 3 leadership tests on 3d6 and then killed the Doom off.
The Trygon did nothing much but turn up and roar a bit.
The Tervigons were moving up and securing objectives while keeping Lee occupied with cannonfodder to kill. The Hive Guard did their job, killing armour.

In the end I held 3 objectives, including the one in the right corner and contested the other 2 with the Tyrants.
The majority of the marines were either killed or about to be killed in the 4th turn if we'd had it and the razorback and the 2 landspeeders were wrecked, as was the quad cannon. The HQ choice was dead, 2 of the 5 terminators were gone, there was a dreadnought left and the assault marines who came in late.
It made for a solid win.
Lee's assault marines should've been called on in turn 2, but the best they could've hoped for with their load out was to contest 1 objective.

Learning points:
I didn't need to deepstrike the Trygon. I was lucky Lee forgot his assault marines in turn 2.
The Tyrants were awesome with iron arm and endurance. For the rest, I won the game mostly on tactical experience and a lack of heavy weapons.

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