Saturday, March 22, 2014

Youtube saturday 22nd of March 2014

The Afghan whigs - Gentlemen
Completely new to ME. I guess I shouldn't have been sleeping on them for the past 24 years or so.

Vista Chino - Adare
Grungy/stoner rock. Spotify tips can be awesome.

Novo Armor - Holland
Yes the title helped. But the rest is awesome too.

Talos - Tethered bones
Maybe more Bon Iver sounds, but I don't mind one bit.

Lykke Li - No rest for the wicked
I really like it, but I do find myself conflicted in the fact that the soft sound doesn't seem to match
the lyrics. No rest for the wicked needs a bit of agressiveness (click it!!) in my book

Johnny Cash - She used to love me a lot
Awesome song.

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