Sunday, May 27, 2018

Books I've read in 2018 - Part II

So earlier I wrote about the books I've read in 2018 uptil then:
Isaac Asimov - I robot
Michael Chrichton - Dragon Teeth
Svetlana Alexijevitsj - Zinkjongens (Zinky boys)
Dan Abnett - First and only

Recently, I've rushed through more books:
Alex Boogers - Onder een hemel van sproeten (Under a sky of freckles)
A depressing look into the life of different people living in the suburbs of a Dutch city. Dementia, bullying, racism and suicide. Not a happy go lucky book, but great literature nonetheless.

Ian F. W. Beckett and John Pimlott - Counter- insurgency. Lessons from history.
This book describes insurgency combat from Oman, to Algeria, to Rhodesia to South America and of course, Vietnam. The mistakes, the working tactics and the very complex nature of insurgency warfare and why it is so hard to compare one insurgency conflict directly to another.

Dan Abnett - Ghostmaker
The second book in the Gaunt's Ghost series. Great to relive these stories. I'd say one of the best sci-fi warstories series there is.

William R.  Forstchen - One second after
Wow. This just kept me reading. America gets hit with nukes in such a way that the EMP fall out takes out most if not all electricity and devices (incl most cars). The descend into chaos of a modern America is scary, detailed and grim.
William R. Forstchen - One year after
This book starts one year after the end of 'One second after' (which describes the first year since the EMP attack). How America slowly crawls back up but is faced with foreign armies within its borders and power hungry people abusing power in the rebuilding government. From hydropower to re-engineered cars. I'm looking forward to reading the last book.


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