Saturday, April 23, 2011

Youtube saturday - now for something completely different is one of my main sources for new music. Sometimes it's hard to find the stuff on youtube to link it here, and sometimes it's there for the linkin'...
A problem with relatively new normal videoclip, which on the bright side means you can do other things in the meanwhile while you're listening.

Mastiksoul - Yakuba (Moombahton edit)
It's been 'summer' for a week now (well..spring, but temps are up!) and this fit my mood today. Just makes you want to move - and coming from me, that says something ;)

Korn ft Skrillex - Get up
I've been a latecomer to appreciate dubstep but I've been listening in for a while now. I'm more of a rock fan normally and that's maybe why it shouldn't have surprised me that I kinda like this

That's it for today.

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