Friday, August 31, 2012

Youtube saturday 1st of September 2012

Faberyayo - Zomer aan de wand
What if Jesus was a slacker in's hard to take offense seeing this I'd say.

The gaslamp killer - Shattering inner journeys
Bizar music with bizar images taken from the movie Fantastic planet, which I now need to watch!

Old spice - Muscle music
If you're done listening, make your own music by using the letter-keys on your keyboard. If it doesn't work embedded, try opening it in a new window. Pretty cool.

Grimes - Genesis
With an almost 80s synth-sound and a waaaaaaaay to bizar video.
Spoiler: she's wearing a skincolored suit...

Kid noize ft Sam Morpheus - Eisbaer
"I want to be an icebear, in the cold pole. Then I wouldn't have to cry, everything would be so clear."
A remix of Grauzone's song from 1981.

Koreless - Lost in Tokyo
Next to Four Tet, one of my favourite new 'bands of 2012'(that is, didn't know of Koreless before).

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