Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tyranids: Tervigon number 1

I've been slow in building this since I wanted it to be painted better than the models I've had so far and wasn't sure how to do that. Finally sat down with a friend and I'm really happy how it turned out. The base was made from torn up cork board.

There are 2 problems still.
1) The 2nd set of legs/arms (counting from the front) didn't need to be magnetized..but I already glued the magnets in the torso..couldn't get them I decided to glue those arms directly to the magnets. A bit stupid..but can't be helped and you barely notice.

2) The angle of the crushing claws and the left (for the viewer) fleshborerhive should be a bit more outward similar to the right fleshborerhive. Thís I can improve fairly easy by breaking off the magnet and glueing it in place in a different angle, I already did that with the right arm and I'm glad I did. Will change it in the coming month or so. Until then, well it's tabletop ready.

As always, click on the image for a bigger view, click again to enlarge (on photo in new screen).

Tervigon number 1 (#2 is already in progress)!
Tervigon talons photo IMG_5375_zpsf2060eb7.jpg

Tervigon from the side
Tervigon side photo IMG_5377_zpsda939d41.jpg

Tervigon from the back
Tervigon back photo IMG_5378_zps2ba6f204.jpg

It's a baby!
Spawn close up photo IMG_5380_zps891bd167.jpg

The photo shows a minor imperfection...looks like I forgot to wash (kind of paint)
a small part - the arm of the baby
Spawn close up photo IMG_5379_zpsc403a6ba.jpg

With crushing claws (see point 2, need to be re-positioned).
Tervigon Crush photo IMG_5382_zps3dfb689f.jpg

With Fleshborerhives
 photo IMG_5384_zps7583739d.jpg

Here you can see how the left arm has a better position, the other is to close to the head.
Tervigon Fleshborerhive photo IMG_5383_zps512f6336.jpg

 photo IMG_5386_zpsda16e05e.jpg

 photo IMG_5385_zps7ff7dfe5.jpg

No front-arms or head.
Btw the big fleshy womb is also removable so I can make the Tyrannofex.
The weapons for that one are still work in progress.
arms and head removed photo IMG_5381_zps9b685ad5.jpg

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