Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tyranids: Trygon marker

I found out I didn't take any photo's of this one yet.
You may (or may not) remember this post: Trygon

The photo's below are of the marker base for the Trygon after it deepstrikes and the sign it crushed is being replaced. It's an éxact copy of the base for the Trygon (incl. the location of the ruin and the sign). It's a 'Move along people, nothing to see here'-kinda situation where the Imperial Guard just swept some remains of the victims under a cloth and put up a brand new sign. Citizens beware, contact with aliens is a crime punishable by summary execution. Just so you've seen nothing!

*click to enlarge*

Citizens beware!
Citizens beware photo IMG_5387_zpsc38cb02f.jpg

The remains of the Trygon's victims are mopped under a blanket
Move along photo IMG_5388_zps2fed5aa8.jpg

A spade to cover up the hole that the Trygon made
Spade photo IMG_5389_zpsc8051bc0.jpg

A fresh paint on the sign, and it's done :)
The base could be improved somewhat by a thicker cover of mud...
 photo IMG_5391_zps1465a6a1.jpg

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