Wednesday, August 28, 2013

August Annihilation 25-8-2013 Game 2

2nd game vs Cees-Jan with a combination of Eldar and Tau.

My list: see Game 1
His list:
- Eldar guy on jetbike, Tau xv8 commander
- 3 wave serpents, 2x 3 jetbikes
- 2 Fire prisms
- 1 Tau sky ray and a Riptide

Mission: the scouring on a Hammer and anvil deployment.

The enemy and the deployment in game 2 are probably one of the worst match ups I could find although there was also an Imperial Guard player with 3 Vendetta's which would've been worse.
I expect my enemy to sit in a corner and take me out until there's room to manouver.

I got first turn again. Put the 2 termagant squads on the nearest objectives and then moved forwards. I had to. The enemy was just out of reach of a first turn shooting, so first blood would be out of the question and I would suffer in his T1. If I didn't move, he'd move and still shoot the crap out of me.

The skimmer colony all castled up, with only the sky ray with av13 in range of
possible tyrant fire, which is too high to damage.
10 photo IMG_5586_zpseb268c1f.jpg

Everything except the objective holders moving up.
11 photo IMG_5587_zpsb1cd0a4a.jpg

Liam's tower of power got a sci-fi treatment.
The doom of Malantai's pod scattered a horrible 11 inch exactly the wrong way,
the Doom got out, didn't do anything since it wasn't in range.
The trygon álso scattered a similar horrible distance. I should've fielded it instead of deepstriking.
Sounds familiar, but the lesson was only learned after game 2.
12 photo IMG_5588_zpsfe05f3ec.jpg

Flying Tyrant #1 was already down and #2 was dying...
13 photo IMG_5589_zps691d3286.jpg

Tervigon one got killed, the termagants which were close were basically wiped
out by the psychic backlash -> 3d6 -> 14 s3 hits against bóth squads.
14 photo IMG_5590_zps74edb3bd.jpg

Skyray immobilized, Wave serpent destroyed and a Fire prism destroyed.
But this was the only damage I did.
15 photo IMG_5591_zps5d27c2bd.jpg

For the Eldar and Tau it was a case of clean up on isle 13 (table number), and move out to the objectives in turn 5.
I got completely tabled.

Reasons why I got tabled in no particular order
1: Bad match up: skimmer circus vs Nids, although hive guards help.
2: The enormous distance in Hammer and anvil, made sure I wouldn't get a shot of in turn 1 and it would take a big part of the army quite a while before they got in range.
3: I should've deployed the Trygon, it would've kept the Eldar skimmers in the corner longer and a bit more trouble with target prioritizing. Now it scattered off to a useless distance.
4: The Doom scattered almost to the max and failed the 2nd save it had to make which instakilled it.
5: Maybe I could've run the tervigons up more to put more pressure.
6: My opponent was very experienced. Knew exactly what he was doing and what he was fighting.

Fun: Considering that I don't see the fun in the opponents armylist, I did have a good time. The armylist basically meant no infantry at all on the table untill 1 sq had to get out of a burning wave serpent in t3 or so and the others only got out in t5 or so to secure the objectives. I wouldn't have enjoyed playing the other side. On a final note, playing against a half-painted army does take a bit of the fun out of the game for me, since it feels more like a random game instead of a 40K battle with 2 painted armies.

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