Monday, December 05, 2005

FW Flying Tyrant collage *edit: CLICKY CLICKY*

So I entered my FW Flying Tyrant into the 'open entry' of the Monstrous creature competition found in the Survival of the fittest forum on Warpshadow

But you can also see it here of course. Just figuring out how to post it in the right size.

To view full size just rightclick and add the url to a new browserwindow. lazy/busy to find out how to make a clicky for this.


Blogger Erwin said...

DUDE you dont know how to clicky a pic?

just make a link tag and in stead of putting text there you put the image tag.....

dare I say?... OMFG!

5 December 2005 at 15:39  
Anonymous Arjan said...

yeah..I was still a bit tired. Later on I remembered..but was to lazy to edit.

TAS reported that there was some kind of quick link make thingie in Blogger? pfft might find out later.

mja..tasje heeft nog niet gereageerd..wel gekeken..maar spammen op mn blog ho maar haha. Hij is te druk met films kijken (hotshots omfg)

5 December 2005 at 16:25  
Blogger The Angelus Sanctus said...

Yeah, I agree with Erwin!! lazy git!! Cant make a simple link using a pic *shakes head*

So.. what to say.. it looks good. I think you should have done some more with it, but being a resin model, its understandable. The dead Necron is a nice touch, but I would have done something with the arms, like I dunno, slice em off or something etc etc, as Id imagine after a clean slice through its torso, it still wouldnt be clinging onto its gun in that type of manner etc etc... I also like the toxin sacs on the wings, gives it a bit more color. Shame about the pic quality, as it has killed the effect of the bone (so it looks kinda 1-tone).

Another thing that stands out is the basing.. I would have kept the grassy terrain part going (maybe more random bits of dead necrons etc) as it looks weird as to how it suddenly stops and then goes to this weird stone bit :P

And since I cant comment on your pic taking abilities OR the quality of the pics, I guess Ill leave it at that...

Heh, you said comment, so I commented :P


6 December 2005 at 07:35  
Anonymous Arjan said...

mm the clean cut is indeed somewhat weard.

Might change that. The 'toxin sacs' that you refer to are just the spaces in the wings. Look at the lictor picture (posted a while back) and you see the same pattern in the ribbly area.

6 December 2005 at 09:16  
Blogger E-bean said...

I'm with lazy ^^ you guys can go click click yourself ^^

besides, in mozzila it's just right moussy -> show easy can it be ^^

7 December 2005 at 08:35  
Blogger Erwin said...

mwuhahahaaa, but mister AB here hates MFF!


7 December 2005 at 16:33  
Anonymous Arjan said...

Damn right.

7 December 2005 at 17:20  
Anonymous Arjan said...

oh and that was pointed towards the 'lazy'part AND to the I hate MFF :P

8 December 2005 at 20:20  
Blogger Erwin said...

lzay ye are, if ye be usin'only one damn right for two pints....

ye lazy git!


13 December 2005 at 16:54  
Blogger Erwin said...

ach excuse me friggin typo's

13 December 2005 at 16:54  

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