Saturday, September 17, 2011

Youtube saturday 17th of september 2011

Dio - Robot
Can't get this one out of my head.
*you can dowload this track and the next one for free here. I could easily include more songs from the same list (converse mixtape) but check them out yourself!

School is cool - In want of something
happy poprock.

Don Diablo - Mezelluf
The label for this one should get some mistaken visitors. It's NSFW, just so you know. But aside from that, you should really take the time to listen. If you're not Dutch, the only thing you should know is that 'mezelluf' is a bit of a 'youngster' way of saying 'mezelf' which means 'myself'(hard to write this without sounding stupid). It's been out a while but somehow I've forgotten to add it here.

I think you can download this one for free from Don Diablo's website or FB page.

Clare Louise - Be Although I'm not sure if I would like an entire cd with this voice. Kinda the same thing I have with Sela Sue's voice.

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