Saturday, September 03, 2011

Youtube saturday 3rd of September 2011

aNoo - Blush
Wait for it to begin. I first heard the studio version, but why not check them out live.

They're from Belgium. The live version was a bit long, but it's a love it or hate it kind of track anyways.

I was trying to find the youtube for Superlijm & Winterslag - Ruisverstuiving track 3 (not sure if the link's still to the right track by the time this post goes live but you'll find it.
Since the track above couldn't be found on youtube you'll have to do with this one, which is completely different, but also great:
Superlijm - Area 51

Both tracks are in English, and even if they weren't you should've clicked anyways.

Chilly Gonzales - You can dance
If you don't like the electric intro too much like me, just wait, it changes.

Dio & Vieze Fur - Techno
A bit of babble in the beginning, but wait for the track to begin.

Björk & Omar Souleyman - Crystalline
I really wanted to check Omar at the Lowlands festival..but there's only so many shows you can see. 4 years back I saw Björk and this is just a very special combination.

Let me know what you think of them.



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