Saturday, July 23, 2011

Youtube saturday 23rd of July 2011

5 tracks I heard this week that I really liked. All tracks are featured on 22tracks. Didn't listen to the Dutch 3fm radio this week because my radio clock couldn't receive them this week due to the fire and collapse of an almost 300m high radiotower last week.

Skrillex - Monsters & Nice spirtes(Dirtyphonics remix)

Had a track by Skrillex feature earlier I think. Drumm N Bass.

Athys & Duster - Barfight

Unfortunately there's a lot of talking from a dj screwing this up, so you might want to check out the better version on Brussels -> Drumm N Bass.
On topic: uses JJ Cale's 'My cocaine' tune (at least that's where I know it from) and mixes it with scenes from the movie Boondock Saints. Gives it an Infected Mushroom feel to it.

DJ Fresh - ft Sian Evans - Louder (Drumsound & Bassline Smith remix)

A cover & remix from a dance classic. I don't know from exactly when (90s?) but it's done véry well!

dEUS - Constant now

A Belgian popband which deserves international credit. They've been at it for álmost 20 years!

Electric wire hustle - Perception

Relaxed electro music.



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