Friday, December 30, 2011

Youtube saturday 31st december 2011

Metallica - Hell and back
Trusted rough Metallica sound, if you don't agree..well then don't.

Amatorski - 22 februar
Starts of really slow so hold on for the first 30secs. Relax.

Year of the goat - Of darkness
Melodic metal.

Calvin Russel - Halloween
Not new (2009), but I only came across it on Oi va voi's myspace today and it's awesome. (I thought myspace was dead too..)

Now if you're done, go check out some Oi va voi on..their myspace (or facebook)
I know Oi va voi's music for a bit longer and I've seen them live twice, don't miss the chance to do so too, when you can!

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