Saturday, November 05, 2011

Youtube saturday 5th of november 2011

Joe Bonamassa - Slow train
It sounds like classic rock but is fairly new. I'm sure there's a sample in there I know... Even though he's only in his early 30s he's already playing for over 20 years, pretty awesome.

Grim reaper - See you in hell Apparently they're re-editing their tracks and that's probably the reason they popped up on 22tracks' radar. I didn't hear about this band, but they've been busy since 1979 and this track is from 1984. I bet somebody'll kill me for it but they sound similar to Iron Maiden and that's not a bad
 thing ;)

Glyder - Long gone Wasn't able to find a video for this (the one on youtube was removed and google didn't help). It looks like a classic rock revival overhere... And now for something completely different...

Maguaré - Jungle fever Another one without a video. Jungle fever..says enough.

De hoop - Waar is de meisje Crazy Belgian hiphop track. Even if you don't understand Dutch, the clip is
worth watching, simple but funny.

Headphone - Miracles Belgian popmusic (in English..) some 'easy' music for your ears.


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