Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Terra Nova series premiere

I watched the series premiere last night after seeing the trailer above. Of course I loved Jurassic Park but I was a bit aprehensive about this since I watched another 'dinosaur' series earlier this year" target="_blanc">that made my eyes bleed.

The storyline is pretty simple. It's the beginning of the 22nd century and mankind has completely fucked up the environment. Polution sucks, too many people, 'four is a family'-child policy which may sound strict but keep in mind that China has (or at least had?) a 1-child policy. But, scientists discovered some kind of tear in time where after checking that it's not the same 'time-line' which would make things FUBAR, they send an expedition to start anew.

Some spoilers will come - so stop reading if you haven't watched the premiere.

100% green energy. Selection by what you can do for the community, and bring your kids or get there by the off chance of a lottery win. A confined paradise where all is not as it seems. Going outside the gates tends to be a bit dangerous because dino's will take a snack where they can get it.

Main characters
Doctor-wife (Mira) + cop-husband (Jim) with 3 children (Josh, oldest daughter-don't remember her name and Zoë) . * violation!*. Suffice to say, they alle end up in the 'parallel' past (85 million years back).
The commander of the human camp: rugged marine kinda guy who'll risk his life for the community but has his secrets.
The group of friends that accomany oldest  (Josh)

Some clichés
- Wife and husband have been apart for a while due to him being locked up after the violation got out 2 years back or so, now they're back together: some problems arise.
- youngest daughter hasn't seen dad since she was 3, so doesn't know her dad all that well. Dad solves it in a mushy way.
- oldest son leaves a girlfriend behind: sadness. Solved: new love interest on day 1.
- oldest daughter is a math-head and finds hér love interest also on day 1 in soldierboy.
- oldest son gets in trouble with dino's together with his earlier mentioned love interest + friends.
- There's a rebel faction
- the doctor has a strong English accent...because..well it sounds intelligent, we all know that..
I'm sure I could mention 5-10 more if I tried.

Bút, if you can look past the clichés which are a plenty, it leaves a pretty decent if not good opening of the series. Of course you can predict some stuff that will happen in the future because it's way too obvious.
1 example: the youngsters find math-scrablings on rocks which shouldn't be talked about. You can bet your life on it that the oldest daughter will find these scrablings in 2-3 episodes down the line and will figure out what they mean. Dun-dun-dun.

Bút (yes again!). The animation looks pretty good (especially compared to the horror that is Primeval (how the HELL can it already last 5 ffing seasons!!! - did I mention it makes my eyes bleed?) and it has characters you can identify with or at least (get to) like.
I'm going to keep watching this season at least. The premiere's getting a 7/10.

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Blogger Lee said...

Will be back after watching, which hopefully will be in about an hour's time

28 September 2011 at 12:16  
Blogger Arjan said...

1,5 if you haven't started yet.

28 September 2011 at 12:22  
Blogger Confusion said...

Hahaha. Don't think I will watch it, although it starts tomorrow night and things could change between now and then.

1 October 2011 at 08:53  

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