Saturday, January 21, 2012

Youtube saturday 21st of January 2012

Le Le - Neen
Solo project from one of the guys of De jeugd van tegenwoordig. 'Neen, laat maar zitten' translates loosely as 'no, nevermind (whatever)'. Brilliantly simple video, so don't use 'I don't speak Dutch' as an excuse not to check the video.

Pogo - Jaaam (The Fresh Prince remix)
Another ingenious collage of sounds. If you don't know Pogo yet, also check his track 'Upular'.

Aduke - Hear the voice
A song made around the Occupy movement in Nigeria. It puts things in perspective looking at poverty, hunger and safety. Starts after 18-19 seconds.

Tim Bendzko - Nur Noch Kurz Die Welt Retten
I think it's the first time a German song got featured here.It's from around May 2011. He sings that he'll be with his girl soon, right after he saved the world (which shouldn't take too long). Even if you don't understand German, you'll get the feeling.

Jónsi - Gathering stories
Dreamy music with a really cool video.
And since it's not new music by far, but cool to check out, I'd just say, check the songs of the Jimmy Castor Bunch in the Originals section of 22tracks. Weird and funny.

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