Saturday, March 10, 2012

Youtube Saturday 10th of March 2012

Needed to read a lot and relax music is what's playing if anything while quite a lot from that section.

Dean Blunt ft Inga Copeland - Narcissists

Jim-E Stack - 3rd Soul
Best heard through your headphones. It sounds like it's litteraly going in one ear, through your head and out the a good way.

Rhye - Open
Already a couple of weeks old for my ears, but somehow slipped through my posts.

Isbells - Illusion
The Belgians create some really beautiful pop music.

Arctic Monkeys - R u mine?
Same feel as earlier songs, sounds good.

't Hof van commerce - Stuntmann
Flemish hiphop, don't understand half of it, but it just flows.

Ministry - Double tap
A double tap is a method of making sure someone's dead, shoot em twice. Two shots in close succession.
Agressive, and that's how this sounds.

Tigerstyle ft Rani Randeep - Kudi
Fresh from the Sedi section of 22tracks London.

Finally, check London's songwriters for Nick Mulvey's "Venus ruff".

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