Saturday, January 28, 2012

Youtube saturday 28th of January 2012

Tray Chaney - Fatherhood
Tray's known for his role as 'Poot in The Wire.
Not the best track, but a great message and he's got style.

Foster the people - Call it what you want
Sticks to the ear and they've got another strangely fun video.

Cat Power - Troubled waters
Just wow.

 L'Xtrmst - La treme
In a strange way this reminds me of Corvus Corax. Love it.

School is cool - Warpaint
Another cool song from School is cool.
I keep thinking this is a song by Warpaint which is also well worth checking out btw.

Marco Z - I'm a bird
A bit poppy, but it sticks and it has a fun video

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