Saturday, May 26, 2012

Youtube Saturday 26th of May 2012

Apparently Youtube has decided that minimal embedding size should be 200x200px (or else you get a 'too small' report) and this hasn't worked properly. If you believe the developers they're hard at work trying to fix this problem by the end of this week. Let's hope so. For now I'll keep to that minimum size and see if they fix it. Otherwise, click on the youtube icon, it'll open in a new window or tab *at least in Chrome*.

Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros - Home
I might've linked this sóng a while back, but now the Duluth (Minnesota, US) community (part of) has made this awesome video about why people should vote 'no' on the law that would ban same-sex marriage.
I hope they manage to block that law, let people love who they love.

WTF! - Da bop
It's a cover, but so was Gary chaos' party people. I like this version.

Jai Paul - Jasmine
It has a 'Prince' feeling (I'm to lazy to find out if they used samples or whatever), but I lóve it!

AKS - Round and round
Give the song time to start. Summer in a song.

Baroness - Take my bones away
Speaker up! If hard rock isn't your thing, give it a lsten anyways.

Diabolus in musica - Blazing a trail
Symphonic rock from Spain!

Booddha - She was lost
Done with the loud music, on towards the relaxing music.

Porter ricks - Port gentil
Reminded me a bit of the instrumental music from the movie Casshern. 12,5 minutes of estranging, great music to just listen and think (about whatever).

Handsome poets - Sky on fire
A happy pop song to finish it off.

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