Thursday, May 23, 2013

Gaunt's Ghosts diorama part 1

I've had these models quite a while, but I only got around painting them this year and thought..well why not make it into a diorama. For those who don't know, they are modelled after the characters in the Gaunt's Ghost series

The problem of course is that in the storyline, some of them die or 'disappear' and this scene where áll of these specific Ghosts fighting Blood pact cultists lead by a Khorne Berserker on Gerion...never happened. I say to hell with that. So here's a start. The Ghosts need some final highlighting and the cultists are work in progress. Also, the base of the diorama needs 'some' work ;) There is also going to be a Wirewolf on a gibbet and a Sigil to finish it off.

So, very much work in progress:

Overview photo IMG_5392_zps23798a4c.jpg

Cultists + Berserker
 photo IMG_5393_zps26a18303.jpg

Gaunt's Ghosts
Gaunt photo IMG_5394_zps374e8d40.jpg

Khorne Berserker
Berserker photo IMG_5395_zps6b37860e.jpg

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