Monday, May 30, 2005


I've finished 10 more gaunt bodies. I left the arms/weapons off because I will decide about that after I've read the codex thoroughly. I hope the new codex will be here next saturday...but probably not. I only got 4 gaunt bodies and some rippers left. And I have one last leaping warrior to put together. This one, and two others also need their talons added but I left them off...yeah you guessed it: because I'm waiting for the codex.

So my modelling/painting is entirely themed by waiting for the codex and making decissions afterwards.


Anonymous Erwin said...

Useless: I got home late today cause of the infernal subject KCV (who cares about the daily wanderings of a Roman magistrate)

Usefull: errr....... FEAR PLASMA DEATH BOYO!

30 May 2005 at 17:21  
Anonymous Arjan said...

yeah...Roman magistrate. It sounded awefully close to some Marine story boyo!

Eat Bio-Plasma BOYO!!
Good to see that you're reading though :D

30 May 2005 at 21:51  

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