Wednesday, August 24, 2005

My P finally

Ok so I finally after about 3 years got my 'propedeuse'. It's just a piece of paper (which will be given to me in about a month or 2) which is evidence of having finished the first year of a study. Due to health matters and general procrastination it took a while before I got around to finishing one subject so I was a small 5pts away from my P for over a year. Now I finally got it I am allowed to start my final paper for my study this year which otherwise would have to be post-poned...
I'm still ill but that can't make me less happy.

*bounces off in the distance and longs for a beer...yes it's 10 AM but who cares*

*oh wait...maybe I'll get a anti-biotica prescription tomorrow and I'm not allowed to drink alcoholics...DAMNIT!*


Blogger Erwin said...

one: another grats on yr P (for the gazillionth time.

two: we hope you'll be feelin better soon. (at least when i finish my new flamer marines.. teehee.

aand.... ehm... oh yeah three:
errr.... fuck it.


25 August 2005 at 15:43  

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