Monday, August 15, 2005

The Nids and their fights.

So last friday I fought against the Tau on a large 6 bij 6 feet table. It was a simple seek & destroy mission. I used a lictor again for the first time since at least 1,5 yrs. It deepstriked with the new rules, decided not to attack the easy firewarriors but try to get to somekind of jumpsuit guy. But as stupid as it was it didn't get there and stood in a bunker as a target practice. The next round Tau Tim did use it for target practice but as it had a 2+ coversave he managed to only get one wound of of it. The next turn it finally got it's senses least that's what I thought. It didn't kill even one firewarrior but got killed in return by these blue buggers. I turn you get a 2+ coversave and the next you have to settle with a 5+... Meh. The rest of my army kinda slumbered forward but did their job quite nicely. The only problem was that I had to walk for ages on end and that's why most of my beasties didn't kill alot because they were never meant to reach combat I guess. But my carnifex decided that he had to act like a rambo and shoot the crap out of some firewarriors and because I managed to kill at least some stuff we ended up in a draw.

Saturday I fought against Rico's 13th Co. We decided to, for both our sakes, use a 6 by 6 feet table but in such a way that we didn't have to cross the entire table to meet each other because both armies are CC armies. So we did a Recon mission. That means run towards eachothers long table edge and claim it. And that is exactly what we tried. I was kinda afraid for his wolflord on bike because it had a sick potential of a lot of powerweapon attacks. My flying tyrant and his bike clashed as the first CC battle. My tyrant managed to give him only 2 inv saves to throw (which should've been at least 4 or 5 throws) but luckily he failed one and due to my implant attack he only had 1 wound left. The next round I killed him and my flying tyrant was on his way to wreak more havoc on lesser enemies. In the meanwhile Rico's wolfs ran up to one of my gaunt sq's and kill a lot of them but my other tyrant with guards decided to revenge their deaths (yeah I know..gaunts should be expendable ...) he killed al the wolfs that were left. A 10 wulf wulfen sq + a leader were closing in and were met by my genestealers. But I didn't allocate some of my attacks to his leader and therefore could only kill wulfs in the killzone...damnit I have to remember these things. But 4 wulfen got killed and only one or two stealers. Round after round of CC the wulfen got decimated and my stealers were also getting killed untill only the leader + 2 wulfen were left to be killed by my tyrant + guard.
My flying tyrant smashed into 2 tactical sq's and wiped them out before they could fight back (gotta love I6 6 attacks). My leaping warriors took care of another sq which had shot away some gaunts. My lictor popped up behind the Long Fangs and started killing them one at a time until my leaping warriors came in and finished the job.
Hindsight: I must remember to allocate some attacks on IC's when they are joined..
My flying tyrant can reap...but it can also act like a blind man and hit almost nothing. A barbed strangler can be nice if it hits, so I'll keep it. My lictor worked much better keeping a Long Fang sq from raining death on my MC's.
In the end my army was victorious because there were no 13th CO sq's alive. I guess Rico just doesn't have enough things that can kill MC's if his lord is killed by higher initiative and his Long Fang's are kept busy. Note to self: make sure his lord dies quickly and away from supporting powerfists that CAN hurt and make sure his long fang's can't shoot for too long.

2 vs 2. I get to side with Erwin's space marines. What the enemy doesn't know is that these space marines are in secret just a genestealer cult with powerarmour ^^
We fought against 13th Co and Tau. Problem was we had to capture a thing in the middle. they are shooty leant back and started shooting the crap out of us. The 13th CO ran forward and started to engage my sqs and keep them from running up on the Tau and they also killed some marines while they were on it. Except for one lone tactical sq marine and the Long Fangs the entire 13th CO army got wiped out but there were only minor losses on the side of the Tau. My lictor managed to revenge his friend that fell on friday and wipe out the entire firewarrior sq by killing them steadily and finally wiping them out. He also managed to wound a battlesuit but got killed in return. In the end it was a draw because we killed so many 13th CO and I had my Flying Tyrant alive and kicking (he didn't do anything but pull gaunts that got out of synapse) near the objective and my other monstrous creatures weren't hurt either. Erwin's leader, almost his entire assault sq that entered the battle at the end and his devestator sq were left alive.
So Tau & 13th CO had more victory points but not enough to defeat us (margin of 300pts on a total of 3000 per side).

Total Hindsight.
It was a weekend of battles. Now I must find some way to balance my army even better. I'm not sure if my Lictor stays. It's 80pts and sometimes it just isn't worth changing your list for it because it manages to die to soon. Spinegaunts might have been a good choice too. Choices choices choices. Today I have to work on my study because otherwise it will end up nasty....
So READ the battlereports.


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