Sunday, July 17, 2005

Go make a hood!

go check the new Foamy: and you will see what I mean.
If you don't know it yet....GO GO GO add it to your favourites.

Just had a great laugh.
And oh yeah also check Sinfest (yes Erwin I'm a fanboy ...even if God hates fanboys...I will still be a fanboy of Sinfest ^^)

Damnit I have spent too much time checking up on too many sites.

Go to
it is an anti-anti-tyranid tactica. I can't state enough how Warpshadow is THÉ most dedicated (although still relatively small in comparence to B&C) community on a 40K race out there. It started on a yahoo group and in the years it travelled to new locations and now it is not only a forum, but also a gallery for everyone who registers, a hobby tips utopia, a huge place of lore and the best Faq on nids online.

oh and they have some great links too.

All hail Warpshadow and it's ever growing number of members (including me offcourse)

oh and Stfu about the spelling of 'offcourse' I'm to lazy to check it.


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