Sunday, August 28, 2005

Tactica Carnifex

First of all: I'm not a big fan of Dakkadakka because there are just TOO much members which will almost always lead to 1 a slow forum 2 senseless discussions 3 uncontrollable flamewars and 4 Just a space where all the dumb fucks on the internet gather to spam.
But it did bring forth a good Carnifex tactica. Like the guy said it is just an opinion and therefore not a FACT. But I consider his article on dakka just a good guideline on how to equip a carnifex. It reasons about why you should or shouldn't take certain biomorphs and when you should or shouldn't take them. It also makes a nice oversight of the most viable and usefull elite fex's. I think once I've read all 22 A4 pages I really have a good final idea on what I'm going to give my 4th ed fex without adding biomorphs on it which I will be to lazy to 'magnetize', or which simply won't be magnetizable.

Currently I'm working on a better position for my Broodlord. I want to change the 'gibts mir Jungs' (that's German for: 'give it to me!') posture into an agressive stance. I will also have to repair my Flying Tyrant since some unsupervised game-store kid (read: Riccardo) tipped it off the edge of a table. Yeah I know...don't put it on an edge when 'someone'is near it. It broke it's freakin' ankle.
Holidays are almost over and I'm sad to say that it looks like I couldn't spend the last 3 weeks painting/converting/building my nids because of me not being at home or me being sick for over a week. And I probably will be sick for a couple of days to come. BUT I did reach some goals: I 'based' almost my entire army except my old tyrant and my Carnifexes which should have a more extensive base.
Even my Flying Tyrant has got quite a nice base with a destroyed Necron warrior on it which won't be coming back or won't be able to fase out because it will be converted into biomatter before it can disappear.

In other news: NO! the BfG site is not up yet. But that's because: 1 holidays to 'Diever', bootcamp in M√ľnchen and me being sick DAMNIT!!! I hate being sick in the holidays so I keep moaning about it. I'm just pissed of over the fact that I really need to lie down on the bench for 2 hours to sleep or I will feel like crap.

Random statement:
Somehow I don't care that not too many people read my ramblings here but it functions as some sort of not too private diary and I will read it in the future to see what occupied me years back and which people were replying.


Blogger E-bean said...

'oh dus.... '

29 August 2005 at 10:52  
Anonymous Arjan said...

..and how the react.

90% gaat nou eenmaal over warhammer.

29 August 2005 at 11:18  
Blogger E-bean said...

en WTF is dat ? :-P

2 September 2005 at 10:13  

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