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1st out of 4 ..Blogging hell

So we had a weekend of battle. Although we slept through our saturday morning (and sunday's as well) and most people didn't show up until short after noon we had plenty time to do battle.
We agreed to play in 1000pts because of the possible upcoming tournament with 1000pts in april.

I had the following:

HQ: Flying Tyrant: ws6, S6, I5, double talons, warpfield @ 194

Troops: 8 basic genestealers @ 128
16 basic hormagaunts @ 160

3 leaping warriors: ws 5, s5, I5, talons & rending claws, fleshooks @ 135
3 leaping warriors: same @ 135
2 Lictors @ 160 pts

1 Ravener: talons, rending claws + deathspitter (had 6 points left) @ 46
1 Ravener: talons & rending claws @ 40 pts

I know it isn't a very swarmy list but it kinda was a rending fest and still 35 models. I knew I wouldn't be able to field another strong synapse keeper (next to the flying tyrant) and if my opponent would be able to concentrate heavy fire and I would have lots of gaunts running around my army would be running for the edge in no time. So I had to have a back up plan. And that is called: run synapse..oh wait out of points so forget the company of too many gaunts. I decided I could run some nids who didn't need to much synapse (raveners, lictors and of course the stealers). Because I don't have more than 10 stealers at the ready I had to run the Raveners. Which aren't a bad choice I might add being as fast as hormagaunts nowadays but are keeping a low profile if they aren't running in large packs. Not bringing an army packed out with carnifexes or to much shooting (only 1 single deathspitter just to fill up some points) I didn't feel my army was cheese or overpowered. If my opponent would be able to shoot down the right things (hard to choose but still) he could put my dinner to a stop.
Battles fought in order of appearance :P : Space Wolves (Rico), Space Marines (Erwin), Imperial Guard (Gerrard) and finally running shoulder to shoulder with Necrons (Rolf) against the space wolves, space marines and the IG although the Nidcrons had adjusted their lists to 1500 pts each to be able to stand up to 3x 1000.

Nids vs Space Dogfood
So Rico decided to dust off his DA marines coming up with quite some frigthening stuff. A dreadnought with twinlinked lasscanon, a landspeeder with Hbolter & asscanon (have I ever said how I HATE landspeeders!!!), 2 tactical sq's with some plasma fire (argh no ze ap2) and a terminator sq and I've got bad memories of Rico's terminators holding on to their dying breath for like forever!!! (why won't you just be good food and DIE!)

Thankfully I had first turn and although there was normal cover this gave me the opportunity to probably assault Rico before he could shoot me twice which would be painfull!
Rico decided to down the Tyrant by all possible means which seems very wise but because he didn't have to many sqs he would have to face the rest of my army. For a moment he had me scared firing the dread, the landspeeder with ass canon and some plasma at me but thankfully the dicegods were against him and on one occasion in favour of my warpfield! My Tyrant survived the first turn of fire with 2 wounds left and so did the rest of my army (with lots more wounds left). I think he killed some gaunts but not too much. But cuz of 1st turn I was already quite close.
2nd Turn
NEWSFLASH! the Ravener missed his shot! that was unexpected at bs3 ...NOT. But who cares about shooting anyway! The rest of my army rushed forward. I kept 1sq warriors in cover to come join the fight later on. My hormagaunts ran into the DA like there was no tomorrow (there wasn't for the DA anyway). My 2 Raveners supported and I think 1 sq of warriors turned up later on. My Stealers and my flying tyrant decended on the other sq. The landspeeder zoomed around for a bit shooting the off nid IIRC.
On Rico's left flank there didn't happen much because my nids forgot they had RC's with them and didn't kill to much. On the other side my genestealers killed so many marines Rico decided to put my Tyrant out of b2b leaving him to do ..NOTHING.
I'm losing the turntaking in my story but that isn't too important.
The gaunts got kicked around for a bit but slowly they with the aid of the raveners and eventually all the warriors killed the sq and Rico's HQ (he wouldn't die easily with 4+inv save..he fought bravely).
The 2nd assault turn saw the stealers wiping out the tactical sq and bringing my workless tyrant and stealers in b2b with the dreadnought (gotta love consolidation).
Being the Initiative whores with I6 the stealers decided that mister fancy pants flying tyrant wasn't needed to do in the Dreadnought and popped it. On the other side 2 lictors popped up one of them helped some remaining hormagaunts to hit on 3+ (they ate doggie brain in advance..darn korean nids). They were able to slowly kill everything on that side of the battle. The stealers and the tyrant being done with the dreadnought decided that more canned food was needed. Darn landspeeder. But what the hell I'm in range to assault with the stealers and the workless tyrant. Initiative total prostitutes action again they destroyed the landspeeder jumping like hungry crocadiles from a pit.
Than the nids turned their heads..look there up in the sky! up in the sky? Up in the sky! Deepstriking terminators. Could Rico kill some more nids today? Yes he should be able to. I think he shot at something ..I think it were the gaunts who took some mean ass fire. My stealers being done with the speeder directly turned aside for some good oll space hulk action and again without consulting mah mean ass flying tyrant ate the terminators only loosing 1!!! of their own.
Hindsight: My tyrant was just being big and scary doing NOTHING but fly around and scare the crap out of Rico. The major part of my army was busy killing one small tactical sq and an HQ while my stealers orally raped everything that wasn't Nid or remotely smelled like space wolf. Yay for the stealers. Can I make them veterans now?
I end it here so that you can take a rest before reading the rest of this blogging hell.


Blogger The Angelus Sanctus said...

First off.. I swear im going to bleed tears now.... And I havent even read through the first one yet!!

Well that was an interesting read yes yes.... And happily enough my eyes arent bleeding... The list looks pretty ok, although HA! You should have just gone HtH death, since the Deathspitter didnt spit out much death... Heh, we shall make a pure HtH army out of your nids yet :P

Looks like the army faired quite well, with the Tyrant doing its basic "lets scare the sh!t out of folk". Heh, i shall need to remember this for when i start up my army and pray my tyrant and carnifex have the same effect. Otherwise, all in all, a good battle!

Oh well... onto the next THREE reports...


11 January 2006 at 12:52  

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