Wednesday, January 11, 2006

2nd battle (2 out of 4)

2nd Battle vs Vanilla Marines.
I always crap my pants going up against Erwin’s marines. If I’ve learned anything it is that he’s quite the tactician and is able turn the tide when things look rough. And assault marines with Furious charge are NOT funny. (he brought a small devsq, 2 tacticals and his ass marines and his Dance commander (uber assault dude)
There was only one possibility to keep my tyrant till assault. And that was to get first turn and fly behind one building. So I set up my tyrant on that side of the field and when I WOOHOO gained 1st turn I directly flew it behind size 3 cover leaving Erwin furious because he couldn’t shoot at it anymore. Hopping from cover to cover suffering only minor casualties I finally ran into assault with a Tyrant at full strength. I left my stealers behind to counter assault assault marines, but in the end I was playing to safe leaving them to do nothing.
My hormagaunts were making saving throws and normal saves like they stole freaking PA or something. Erwin lost his LD test and I ran the first tactical sq into the ground. They didn’t do anything like that in a while. Consolidating into the next sq Erwin was getting depressed because in the meanwhile my Tyrant assaulted his dreadnought and destroyed it (pfft not strange with 6 attacks 2d6ing at I5). The Tyrant finally paid off (except as fear factor). More and more of my army began hitting Erwin’s ranks (2 raveners, and some warriors). Once my tyrant broke through he got shot at by the darn Devsq getting him wounded, thankfully again, not killed. The assault marines kicked in and I almost peed (sp) my pants because I knew they can hit VERY hard and the dance commander was with them which was like a T4 version of my flying tyrant with an 4+ inv save and twin lightening claws! They reaped where they could but eventually there were too many targets and they were slowly overwhelmed. A special note goes out to 1 of my lictors who scattered to death while ‘deepstriking’ into one of Erwin’s sqs. The other decided to drop somewhere more safe and got hold of some action. The last ones to go were some remaining assaultmarines & some dev sq marines.

Hindsight: 1: I was very lucky to roll a 1 on the Alpha, Beta, Omega chart. If Erwin got to infiltrate his army the outcome could have been very very different. 2: I was lucky to get 1st turn and fly my tyrant behind a building and keep it cowarding there for a while.
3: my gaunts were acting like little PA packed beasties saving ridiculous amounts of wounds and sweeping the floor with an Tactical sq and consolidating into the next keeping Erwin from shutting down my assault. My tyrant proved to be a little more than just a fear factor destroying the dreadnought and although few, some marines. I shouldn’t have left my stealers behind. After the slaughter against Rico they deserved some change of diet but didn’t get any food at all and were left unused. I think if not for point 1 & 2 I might have done a lot worse. Getting lucky with saves is just random (except for the holy sacrifices made to the altars of the dice gods ^^ ).
You wanted battlereps? You got battlereps! See next post for the next battle.


Blogger The Angelus Sanctus said...

Heh.. seems you did quite well against Erwin too... At least the Tyrant was TRYING to make its points back! Its actually a relief to see even the basic non-biomorphed Hormagaunt and Genestealer can still kick some backside like there was no tomorrow.

Shame about the Lictor that got stuck and decided to be overwheled by the local vegetation :P

All in all, nice work!

Heh, even more inspiration for my nids!!


11 January 2006 at 12:55  

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