Wednesday, January 11, 2006

3000 vs 3000 shoulder to shoulder with T1000s. 4 of 4

The enemy set up the 6’by 6’ table which is just OH so big but I was ensured we had more than 6 turns…which should be enough if my monsters would be alive after that…
The Necronids faced IG,SW and Vanilla marines at 1000pts each. I dropped my 2 lictors and called for my VC tyrant with guards, 15 more hormagaunts, 18 spinegaunts and a BS Carnifex to fill er up.
I figured first few turns wouldn’t be too much of a hassle except for running along cover and keeping out of LOS. The opponents got to infiltrate and deepstrike terminators. That was something to be feared. They infiltrated with (almost?) everything they had in the center building keeping that heavily fortified with IG heavy guns and SM scouts and tacticals.
The necrons might have been a bit on the safe side not using their Veil of darkness earlier but kept them alive and kept the opponent (we only had until 9 pm) from gaining Victory points. I ran synapse everywhere I could and ran steadily forward. I got shot up a bit by some ordnance, not too bad and 6 of 8 stealers got shot to pieces by Rico’s terminators and landspeeder (I hatesess speeders). The necrons tried to shoot up the sqs in the building but 4+ coversaves proved a very good safe haven, but some guys died nonetheless. In 3rd or 4th turn the Monolith showed up wreaking some small havoc on the sqs inside the building. My carni shot up some models too and in the meanwhile the enemy tried ordnancing the Lith to oblivion even more because some spinegaunts were running alongside it and they figured they couldn’t go wrong. Well the Lith didn’t get a scratch and in the end only 5 spinegaunts (25 pts) got killed. A lone ravener was a bit too brave running in on his own…not expecting to get pounded by normal attacks from terminators instead of even with cover initiative against him getting first strike because I’d expected powerfists. He got wasted. Tactician Erwin at work. No pain no game. Hormagaunts ran up killed some scouts and consolidated into the terminators KILLING 2 !! of them but getting slapped around themselves too. Cuz of synapse they sticked around. To my surprise behind all the monstrous creatures just outside assaultrange I saw 3 leaping warriors which looked like they were in range. Erwin was kinda shocked to see them leaping over my TMC’s and slaughter the terminators. I didn’t plan this..but it sure came in handy! The next turn the enemy shot us again but not too bad..but we sadly were out of time. There was still a lot left undone on both sides. The necrons thankfully destroyed the sentinel putting a lasscanon out of commission in I first turn. Next to that almost all the killing was done inside the great building. Although there was a small assault going on between some of my genestealers and Rico’s terminators which IIRC didn’t end because the timelimit.
Hindsight: GREAT game. We should definitely do this again. Take at least a day for this and try not to waste to much time arguing or deciding what to do with 1 shot ..or deciding where to run up to. Hindsight for the opponent: they really tried to do in my flying tyrant but I was wary enough to put it behind cover again and let it wait till assault was going on (didn’t have time to get it in the fray anymore). They simply put to much of their force in one building leaving them open for destruction by the Lith and assault by my main force. If time wasn’t short I would’ve been in consolidation heaven. Oh and my carnifex got shot to pieces..they were more scared of that than of my Tyrant with 2 guards..which is usually more aggressive in CC strangely. Hindsight from the enemies of the imperium..: Necrons should have Veiled of Darknessed and shot the crap out of something in stead of doing NOTHING for 4 turns but waiting. The necron warriors also did nothing. The destroyers did a good job delivering surpressing fire on the large building killing sqs slowly and keeping a dreadnought from firing. Heavy Destroyers were missing a lot but killed a sentinel. My nids did their best. I should’ve kept my flying tyrant behind cover in the first couple of turns instead of flying off to get shot at for 2 wounds only to fly back behind cover and wait again. My stealers got shot up..but did some minor damage. The raveners were also a minor success running up into the terminators but at least one got powerfisted out of synapse STUPID stupid stupid me. The rest went quite well. Except that after we would have gotten through the heavily defended building we would have had quite the walk up to the next flesh. In victory points we won..but I can’t call a half finished battle a win..tides change and there was plenty back there to get shot by. When can we do it again???? Maybe even include IW as ally hehe.

can't believe I just typed 5 pages A4 without pause...need sleep and something to drink..not in that order.


Blogger Arjan said...

I might make a picture post later on.
That is..I think thursday evening or even fryday.

11 January 2006 at 00:37  
Blogger The Angelus Sanctus said...

Holy jebuz.. no more battle reports for a while hey!?!?

Sounds like it was a good game overall, a few silly mistakes here and there, but over all quite good. Funny how the big MCs always scare the crap out of everyone! The Necron player had a bit of a blah with his plans, and I agree that he should have veiled earlier, since most of the loyalist had infiltrated, that would have given you both a bit more breathing space from the forward section, as the enemy would have had to worry about the rear. Hrmm, silly Necrons didnt do alot really, oh well...

Otherwise, a good game, well faught. For large games like that, yeah, allow a good day or so :P As they can get dragged out to kingdom come!


11 January 2006 at 13:06  
Blogger Erwin said...

bla bla bla.
Gerard and I already knew we fucked up. Next time we will not be so concentrated and I will not try and defend the bassy with my biggest baddest squad.
And next tiem IF we're gonna use the same sort of set up of terrain we'd better do city fight!

11 January 2006 at 17:15  
Anonymous Arjan said... set up the terrain not me..
and well yeah..protecting the basilisk shouldn't be the biggerst concern cuz it was 6 feet away and only Veil Crons could've gone there.

11 January 2006 at 17:20  
Blogger The Angelus Sanctus said...

Yeah.. 3x 1000 pt armies should pick their target priorities!!

Plus,I personally would have suggested, semi leave the Necrons alone and focus on the incoming Nid horde, as you know once they hit HtH, its getting close to being all over. Less bunching up, spread the 3 armies out across the board to really give the opponents a bit more hassle.

Auspexes wouldnt be a bad thing either ;)


11 January 2006 at 18:27  

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