Wednesday, January 11, 2006

3rd battle (3 of 4)

Nids vs IG.
Even though I know Gerrard likes to boast about how great his army is and how every opponent will be completely defenceless and utterly destroyed and decimated I knew I might have a change, even with him bringing the feared basilisk and a Demolisher with big ordnance weapon (s10 ap2), 2 plasmacanons on the side AND a lasscanon. The rest of his army might be battle hardened veterans with all kinds of fancy drills but with only t3 they would die more easy than the usual food especially with saves almost rivalling my own.
I knew my tyrant would have a hard time getting to him but he might draw enough fire to keep the rest of my army going. Maybe this field was filled with a bit more cover than usual but not cheese-like and Erwin half half told me to put down another thing which I did and my opponent agreed without breaking a sweat.

I lost 1st turn for the first time in 3 games to my opponent. *I should have offered something more to the gods* I kept well behind cover fearing the direct fire of the basilisk. I was told it was S HIGH with ap2 (in the end it was ap3 but pfft who cares about a dead tyrant anyway it would have probably died even without the basilisk). I ran everything as close to cover and behind cover hopping as I could. My ravener shot some guard (yay..if I paid attention I would have known that 3 more guard would have been killed rolling 2s..but they died later on). My flying tyrant and my Ravener assaulted a Sentinel with lasscanon, which had wounded my tyrant once. My gaunts were hit once or twice with ordnance and I lost one warrior to it but it proved more of a fear factor weapon scattering as it did and me saving my cover saves. It could have done a lot of damage though if it had hit right.
On the left flank my genestealers hit enemy ranks and ate their way through a sq in two assault turns (that’s how I like it..consolidating, moving, fleeting assaulting again in my turn). They ran into the next and the next sq. In the meanwhile the explosion of the sentinel killed about 5 men of the IG sq which was on the right flank leaving my guys unharmed. The Raveners took a damn while but finished the sq at last. My Tyrant died because of major tank fire (lass, plasma and the basilisk). I was getting a bit depressed I had hoped to assault the tanks with my might tyrant which would munch through the tanks like they were made of cardboard. I would have to rely on rending. My opponent was very happy to make an understatement. His brother felt the need to grab my tyrant and show the house that the mighty tyrant fell. Thankfully he didn’t break anything..(maybe he kept Rico at arms length :P). I was resolved not to give in and show my yet again boasting opponent the power of rending even against armour. My lictors popped up and 2 raveners assaulted the basilisk and a lictor assaulted the demolisher. Nothing. Just warming up I guess… But I got more than only them. I ran my yet again very successful stealers up to the basilisk, a Ravener at the demolisher and the other staying behind for the basilisk. I threw in the lictor again and a sq of warriors. The tank was finally destroyed succumbing to the Ravener. The Basilisk got a crew stunned & shaken and a weapons destroyed. To my opponents surprise I left the major gun alone and went for the Hbolter in the hull. I found that he couldn’t shoot next turn and if he could have..he didn’t want to risk scattering on his own tanks destroying himself with high strength but he could have done some damage with the Hbolter. Throwing in some more rendingness from 2 remaining stealers which after running for a turn decided to give it another go and destroy the basilisk. Oh wait…did I mention there was an objective..take & hold? Well some warriors had been in proximity for about 3 turns I guess. The HQ with some body guards and some remaining kserking (sp) weren’t much of a challenge for overwhelming numbers. I don’t know much about the codex…but fielding more troops has a bigger priority when you’re IG then fielding expensive T3 guys. I don’t like the prospect of having to fight like 10 sqs of almost free s3 t3 guys. They won’t be easy to chew through…that much food could hurt even my stomach.
Hindsight: Tyrant died but did kill a sentinel resulting which blew up resulting in the usefull death of 5 guard but got killed. I expected as much but it still wasn’t pretty to see 1/5th of my points die. Cover is a lifesaver and although ordnance can be very mean and devastating it can also be to big of a gamble if they make up such a big part of an army. My rending did the rest. It took some convincing but both tanks even the heavily armoured demolisher was destroyed.

This was the last single fight of Nids vs food.
Sadly ..or luckily for my nids..I didn’t get to fight the IW. He got sick (again!!!) and had to be picked up by the chaos gods for a drive home. I don’t know how well I would have faired against 3! Predators and the deamon prince and and and…argh. I think it would have been to much killing power. But that’s for another time. In the meanwhile I won 3 out of 3. I think Erwin killed the most of my army compared to the other two.


Blogger The Angelus Sanctus said...

Heh.... Even HtH based nids can fight off the imperial guard! Mwahahhhahaahaaa!! Not a bad report indeed, although all that tank fire probably did hurt (shame to see the Tyrant dide before it could actually DO anything). Now I know why I keep a fairly "cheap" tyrant.

Good game as always, although i think fighting the guard is better than fighting the Iron Warriors... Although both armies work in the same way ANYWAY!

w00t to rending as always!


11 January 2006 at 13:00  

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