Monday, June 19, 2006


So what has my life been about these days.
Well..I've got to improve a darn report (damnit..summer work).
Haven't seen the grade for my first test (dyslexia & language development disturbnesses (sp) ). Tomorrow it's the test for Experimental Languageknowledge (to translate very freely).
So I've been learning for that one. Haven't done any 40K except for buying flesh wash that was dried up (the pot I had at home that is!). And a WD which looked worthwhile for the first time in well like a long time.

Back to other stuff.
I filled up the non-studying time with soccer. The first day of the WC I saw almost the entire game of Germany cause the people at work decided they need to get home early (gotta love it!). Saw some other matches after that. On sunday: went to a pub saw Netherlands - Servia Montenegro: 1-0 for us. We had a difficult match but Robben came through! Fantastic goal!!
Robben's goal
REFRESH (f5) if it doesn't work the first time.

Had some beers starting at 3pm :) BBQ'ed at home. The next day I had a BBQ at a friends house with people from my study 'society' (studievereniging)..just for detail..not a fraternity, but a club of people who organise stuff for the people who do communications in Groningen. It's called SVOB atm but it's going to change it's name ( Anyway it was fun had lots of beers. Tuesday: watched some more soccer. Had to work at 4. A friend of mine told me we could watch soccer at his place in the shared living room..if his female roommates weren't home. He messaged me during work that they weren't and he had pizza in the fridge, couldn't refuse of course :D Watched both matches that night.

Wednesday: studied (won't mention that again). Watched soccer..went to training and directly after that I ran for an election as a member for the 'board/management' of the SVOB. And I got in!! w00t. Got the post of secretary. A bunch of nice people will have to cooperate with me so that's also good news.

Thursday: soccer (well..starting at 3pm). But had to work because...I SHIFTED my work from fryday (NL matchday) to today. Watched some more soccer. Went out that night, didn't make it too late, but had a good time.

Fryday: soccer. Went to town. Ate at the Mc and the same pub as before to watch guessed it SOCCER. *ey Chris..are you already hating me here..for talking about soccer like....the entire post :P* We won again: 2-1! What a heart attack giving 45 minutes that 2nd halve was! But we won. Next round!
Van Persie's goal

Van Nistelrooy's goal

And no I don't understand what the guy is saying either ;) But it's the goals that matter. And I'm to lazy to figure out the embedded thingie.
Had a birthday party that night. Not too many people, but it was good. Oosterpaaaaaark (Erwin will know what I mean )

Saturday: stayed in Groningen. Watched soccer (surprise surprise).
Sunday: oooh soccer.
Monday: soccer.

Oh and in the meanwhile I watched : The Wire. And: The wire in the blood. Both darn good series.

Tomorrow: test. Soccer, work, soccer.
Might check my stacked up to-do list. Ooh and I might do another run. Ran 1,5 km last sunday to get my running condition started again for a bit.
I might want to try and build it upto the 3,4 km (and more) for the ATFP test (check the's an army test) for ninjitsu.

Haven't decided what to do with the rest of the week if I don't get any more work than atm (although I can pull a bit more from my normal job). But I will finally get my car theory around and start driving. Have been postponing that one for god knows why. Have been to busy I guess.

Next weekend there will be 40K again. Erwin..are you up for a 2250 game? I probably won't do too well cause that will be all I've got to run on the table, not a tried out list. But I just want to see every freaking nid I've got (except for OOE...not enough choices) running across the table or shooting.

How's that for an update!!


Blogger The Angelus Sanctus said...

We said update, not tell us about the soccer....

We have TV for that y'know :P


20 June 2006 at 16:29  
Blogger Erwin said...

hahaha, GO HOLLAND GO!
oh yeah, I am up for a 2250 game... but I'm not sure for this weekend, I WAS going to camp, but none of my mates are going (damn lazy niels and niels) and I got this odd feeling that I can count on that face that Annet isn't coming either. So maybe ... yes.

and hell th wire rocks, I just watched (well yesterday) that scene where McNolty (sp?) and that fat black dude re-inspect that old crime scene of that murder..... damn that ten minutes of "fuckerdefuckfuckfuck" I laughed my ass off. Now THAT's something they should post on U-tube

20 June 2006 at 18:59  
Anonymous Arjan said...


hmm maybe that's worth an entire post ^^

20 June 2006 at 19:12  
Blogger E-bean said...

well, this is a nice update ^^

soccer was okay, allthough I do have the feeling they won't kick portugal's ass.. 2 bad
umm, what was i going to say? oosterpark? *LOL*

oh yeah, the running bit... 3/4 km.. in what time? how fast? tell me! I guess I should do some working out this vacation 2...mmmm, Ah fuck it, it's vacation!

25 June 2006 at 11:27  

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