Saturday, April 08, 2006

Adamantium beats Iron

Played another 2 games yesterday and last night (yes night). This time we played on a good 4"x4" because Albert bought a wooden playboard.

After realizing that the 2 lictors weren't doing too much damage in the 1000pts battles with not enough usefull area terrain to make a nice entrance I removed them from the list and added 3 raveners and 3 genestealers. (off course that left me with 5 raveners in total divided in 3 sqs of FA).

IW changed: tank with demolisher cannon and rhino and defiler got dumped. 3 Obliterators were added and 6 bikes and some kind of lieutenant with jumppack with fancy lightning claws and chaos stuff. There might have been some changes to the other sqs..but well I dunno.

1st game: seek & destroy. Well I sought and destroyed. My tyrant got wounded 3 times by the lieutenant but made a real killing spree and killed the HQ too. The first assault it did this killed 6!!! marines on the charge. AUCH! Some raveners got shot up, but others managed to do a lot of killing. Very very happy about these buggers. They can't take much boltering, but if they arrive..they can do a lot of damage. I was hitting CC everywhere in turn 2/3 and although my hormagaunts got whacked..I'm quite satisfied.
The tyrants implant attack is a golden choice against the character and obliterators.

2nd game: Seek & Control
Chaos dropped the basilisk because it wasn't doing much damage, constantly scattering and only killing the off genestealer (more rending where that came from).
More marines were added IIRC.
Wasn't sure how I would be able to hold on to the counters but I'd try.
Didn't move everything directly forward (a nid holding back..). Was a bit afraid for a line of bolterfire. And that's what I got. My hormy's got almost wiped in turn 1. Thankfully on the other side IW's shooting was doing less damage. A ravener got killed and a couple of stealers. In turn 2 I moved 135 pts of leaping warriors back towards a counter *what a waste of CC power*..had to do it because I was afraid the obliterators might drop in (deepstrike) and spoil my party.
A ravener sped towards a counter in the GW citadel.
The flying tyrant, 2 raveners and 3 warriors molested a full IW marine sq (figures).
I was able to consolidate my warriors into the chaos hq so it couldn't make use of its Furious charge. My tyrant consolidated a full 6"into a big sq on a hill.
2!!! hormagaunts managed to keep a 4 Hbolter havoc sq from firing a turn and even killed a marine!! Off course they (hormy's) got wiped afterwards.
The obliterators were to busy sipping on beers at the sideline to deepstrike in and Albert wasn't to happy. When his bikers shot and assaulted my stealers to pieces, it was a bit of a relief (well..I wasn't to happy because they didn't do too much this game).
I assaulted the bikers with a couple of raveners which slaughtered them (rending wowness). My flying tyrant got slammed in the eye with a bolter somewhere which took 1 wound but it wasn't slowed down by the sq it consolidated in..after killing them it took out the havoc sq.
Well it was turn 6, so no obliterators. I kept 4 out of 5 counters and there was no enemy left to claim stuff.

Hindsight: the stealers got slaughtered..but well it happens. The raveners are mighty fine. My tyrant proofed to be an awesome killing machine yet again.
Lesson learned by the IW player: don't deepstrike 3 obliterators. If he would have fielded them from turn 1 he might have been able to shoot up my tyrant real bad which would have made things a lot more difficult. Although it would still leave me with the raveners, warriors and stealers to do damage..but I don't know how I will fare then. Obliterators are nasty.

In other news: Krikke (GW stockist) has been building a gaming cave!!! 2 large gaming tables at the ready. We have to speak with them some more about gaming times etc. But well FINALLY we've got a neutral place to game and the guy from the store said he might place a drinkmachine there (coke/fanta the lot). I have to see the basement (that's what it is) for myself. We might be able to get hold of some cheap furniture to fill the room and make it a good gaming room!!!! Hooray!! Well...I might still wander off to WirWar (gamesstore) to buy my stuff..but I will be found more in Krikke!


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Anonymous Arjan said...


11 April 2006 at 21:09  
Blogger Erwin said...


anyway, it comes down to nids are hard to face, but when you get it figured out, you'll own....... Now for the figuring out part.......

12 April 2006 at 16:38  
Anonymous Arjan said...

not ze flamers...eeeeeeeeeeeek.

12 April 2006 at 23:51  
Blogger The Angelus Sanctus said...

Dont ask me for help, even if i do play both 'Nid and Marine armies... And im a crazy 'Nid player cos i have very weird themed armies.

13 April 2006 at 11:13  
Blogger Maarten Jalink said...

Please bring back pie :)

15 April 2006 at 23:03  

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