Monday, March 20, 2006

Solid Loss...

well that was my side.

I hadn't fought Tau in a long while..and there I mean a VERY long while. I've seen them on the field of battle but didn't have a 1500pts head on.
We did a 1500 pts 6x4' Seek & Destroy. Tau Tim learned from former mistakes and deployed his army a bit better than other times. I did make what I think in hindsight was a major mistake. I put my Flying Tyrant on a side where it did do some damage, but just not enough. It took out the broadsides (or however it's spelled) with ease but after that it was a too short cat & mouse. Run and run and hit.

I did get first turn which helped me run towards the tau but I think I might have engaged the wrong squads. I killed all firewarriors but I left a sq of stealthsuites and a big nasty 380pts HQ almost untouched.
A single ravener managed to tie the HQ up for more than 3 assault turns but didn't manage to do more damage than ripping apart the off gundrone.

After the major spoils of war were over it came down to a rather strange chase.
The Tau were backing away with their move, shoot, move turn so they gave my slower units a look at their tails. In the meanwhile they kept shooting me up.
With the total embarrassment and I think selffulfilling prophesy of a gundrone taking off the last wound of my flying tyrant. DAMNIT!!!

Well officially it's a solid victory for the Tau. can't run forever! If I would have had a turn or 2 more I think I might have caught the Tau and utterly destroyed them. Oh was a very nice game.

In other news: I've been building some terrain. One is just a simple 80mm base with 4 barrels on it which are a bit shot up and leaking chemicals. But they look quite cool! The other one is a GW tree which I painted so it actually looks kinda real and a small bush and 2 barrels where some rippers are coming out of cracks they made in the barrels. The rippers aren't finished and the basing has to be done but it already looks cool! Oh and I finished a double tank barrier/ x blockade. Also looks quite cool. Haven't done so much terrain building in ...well ever.
I might put up some pictures next weekend..IF I get hold of the cam.


Blogger Erwin said...

haha, if we get the cam I'll put up my terrain wips too :P

and If I get some off time (and a feel for it) I'll try and finish at least one terrain piece >.<

22 March 2006 at 16:20  
Anonymous Arjan said...

how's the béhind ...?
feel like sitting down?

22 March 2006 at 23:38  

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